What can I store on my Mezzanine Floor?




Mezzanine floors; we’ve been asked to put them in some funny old places! Customers have requested that we design and install mezzanine floors for all manner of usage over the years and at Cubex we are happy to oblige them. […]

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Steel Partitioning – A robust solution for segmenting off areas in your industrial premises

Our customer had utilised a Principle Designer for their purpose built new premises in Kettering.  Part of the area required workshops to build test rigging and machinery, and these workshops had been specified to be built with a Hording system. […]

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What factors are important when designing for a Mezzanine Floor project?

At Cubex we firmly believe that when it comes to Mezzanine Floor Design, not one size will fit all! There are two important factors that we consider when we design and fabricate our mezzanine floors bespoke; the design must-

match both […]

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20% off canteen and kitchen furniture – December’s Special Offer

Christmas will soon be here and you know what that means? Lots of festive feasts. If you are planning a company “do” or festive lunch menu we can help make sure there is plenty of room for all. So whether […]

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15% off storage lockers – November’s Special Offer

We’re on a mission to help you keep your staff cloakroom and break out areas organised and tidy! And with Winter well on its way there are bound to be a flood of extra coats, wellies and umbrellas coming in to […]

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Changing the Use of a Mezzanine Floor

At Cubex we know that having previously invested in a Mezzanine Floor for Storage purposes, you may then wish to realise a greater return on investment later by changing the use of the floor in order to expand your office […]

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Spend over £800 on office furniture and get a coat stand FREE – October’s Special Offer

Autumn is well and truly here! Leaves are falling and there is a distinctive nip in the air which means your office may be getting cluttered with outdoor wear if you don’t have space for a dedicated staff room. Great […]

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Extended offer! 16% off office chairs – September’s Special Offer

Cubex Contracts have a fabulous range of office chairs available in our Office Furniture Solutions 2017 catalogue and for the whole of September if you order one (or more!) from us – we’ll give you 16% off.

To take advantage of this super […]

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Can we retrospectively fit out your mezzanine floor?

We are often asked by customers if it is possible to retrospectively fit out an existing mezzanine floor, and the answer is always a resounding YES! We recognise that for many of our customers it is important that they can […]

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Are you supporting your employees properly?

In 2015/2016 30.4 million working days were lost due to self reported work-related illness or injury. As an average, each person suffering took a total of 16 days off in a year for musculoskeletal disorders. So production of every business […]

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