Glazed Office Partitions

Glazed office partitioning systems offer a perfect compromise between style and functionality. Glazed office partitions can also provide levels of sound reduction and privacy whilst still maintain an open plan appearance to your workspace.

Silicon or dry jointing provide glazed partitions with a frameless unhindered appearance, whilst our double glazed option can still provide the privacy of up to 47dB sound reduction.

Manifestation is available in unlimited designs and colours to compliment a theme or follow the corporate branding of the client.

Glazed office partitioning is compatible with many of our other partitioning systems and therefore can be used to bring an element of style and individuality to any bespoke office design or refurbishment.

  • Obscured Glass Office Partitioning 02

  • Obscured Glass Office Partitioning 01

  • Glass meeting room with blinds

  • Glass office design with manifestation

  • Glazed office partitioning

  • Part glazed office partitioning

  • Glass office door with manifestation

  • Glass office partition with manifestation logo

  • Office Refurbishment

  • Sliding glass office doors in glass partition

  • Glazed Partition With Sliding Glass Doors

  • Angled Glass Partition

  • Electronic Frosted Partitioning Closed

  • Electronic Frosted Partitioning Open

  • Full Height Glazed Meeting Room Partition

  • Glass Office Partition Design

  • Frameless Glass Partition allowing Natural Light Into Office

  • Glazed Meeting Room Partition

  • Glazed Partitioning With Integral Blinds

  • Close Up Of Integral Partition Blind

  • Glazed Partitioning With Manifestations

  • Glazed Partitioning and Doors

  • Timber Framed Office Partition Glass Windows and Doors

  • Opaque Glass Office Partition 1

  • Opaque Glass Office Partition 2