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Our final post in our series of five mini blogs on how to move offices, the stress free way. If you missed any of the other blogs in the series you can catch up with them here:

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So, our final blog, Part 5 is going to guide you through the last four weeks before the moving date and provide you with some useful pointers for the day of the move and the weeks after.

 Four Weeks to Go

  • At least four weeks prior to the move, ensure you have ordered plenty of removal crates from your removal company.  Make sure these are delivered no later than 1-2 weeks prior to the move date to enable everyone enough time to have them packed up and properly labelled!
  • Discuss with your refurbishment company the dilapidation works needed for the old premises once the move has been completed.


Three Weeks to Go

  • Ensure all contracts are signed for the new service providers and all services have been arranged to be in place at least 1 week before the move date.


Two Weeks to Go

  • Set up forwarding phone number where applicable
  • Set up postal forwarding to the new office
  • Liaise with your security provider to ensure all staff members have the correct access keys, passes and codes
  • Draw up a plan / rota for moving day to ensure everyone knows their responsibilities.  It’s a good idea to have a team at the new offices and a team at the old offices.  Employ your Office Relocation Team members to take an active role in managing their departmental move.  Ensure everyone has a copy of the plan / rota and relevant mobile phone numbers etc are added to it – it’s a good idea to print a copy of the new office lay out on the reverse.
  • Arrange for your cleaners to come in the day after the move to give the old premises a good clean through
  • Start labelling furniture identifying the floor and location where it needs to be put in the new office
  • Organise change of address notification to suppliers and customers
  • Arrange additional waste removal for any furniture or sundry items that you won’t be taking with you on the move.


One Week to Go

  • All IT and Telecoms cabling and lines should now be in place
  • Meet with your refurbishment company to ensure all final snags are completed
  • Start packing up those crates and labelling them accordingly
  • Ensure adequate refreshments are available at both sites for the move day
  • Start to collect in any extra access cards / keys ready to hand over.


The Big Day

On arrival at your new offices ensure plenty of access is available for the removal company to park near the entrance.

  • Check the condition of the new office, taking  photographs where necessary and liaising with your refurbishment company
  • Ensure a representative of each department is on site to help facilitate the move
  • Distribute access cards / keys to those who need them, keeping a check list of who has and has not been issued with one
  • Ensure one central location is made available for any packaging, rubbish etc to avoid cluttering up your new site and creating a trip hazard with unnecessary waste
  • Equipment has been switched on and tested before your IT and Telecoms provider leaves. Also ensure relevant training on the use of the equipment is given to all team members.


After the Move

  • Reconcile and settle any utility bills that are left from the old office, resolving any issues or discrepancies
  • Hold a nice internal and external launch party of the new premises to showcase your new offices to staff and customers alike.  You worked hard on getting the new premises perfect, so don’t be afraid to show it off a bit!


Download the ‘Countdown to the office move, and moving day” checklist.

Download our “Moving Offices – A master checklist” here.

And that’s it! It is going to be challenging and we appreciate all the juggling you’ll have to do – but we hope in some small way our mini blog series and helpful checklists will help support you in moving your office with as little stress as possible.

Don’t forget if you need someone to help with dilapidation works, or making sure the space you’ll be moving to is perfect for your needs then give us a call on 01933 460422 – because we’ll be there to lend a helping hand. After all we are Cubex Contracts and creating intelligent, and creative work spaces for businesses to grow is what we do.