Treat yours-elf to 25% off everything in our 2019 Furniture Catalogue until the end of the year!

Tis the season to save pennies tra la la la laaa la la la laaaa. If you see a new office look in your New Year’s plans then now is the time to get that list over to Santa. Buy anything […]

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The 12 Mezzanines of Christmas – presented by Cubex Contracts


Cubex Contracts specialise in the design, install and fit out of all different types of mezzanines; for storage, for offices/training rooms/meeting rooms/staff facilities, creative approaches for specialist builds, for use in industrial manufacturing, some that are massive and with two […]

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How can you improve Air Quality in the Workplace?

With the dark night’s drawing in we thought the time has come to highlight an important factor when considering a Workplace Design; The health and well-being of the workplace users!

A key criterion in assessing workplace environment under BREEAM includes optimising […]

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Prices to make you go Ooooooh – 25% off everything in our furniture catalogue until the end of the year!

The weather is definitely turning chilly – but don’t worry! Because if saving money gives you the warm and fuzzies then we’ve got just the thing to make you as toasty as a marshmallow on bonfire night. Buy anything from our Office […]

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Scarily good prices! Get 25% off everything in our furniture catalogue until the end of the year!

Autumn is well and truly here and with it comes a fantastic end of year offer. Buy anything from our Office Furniture catalogue before midnight on December 31st 2019 and we’ll give you 25% off your order total.
To take advantage […]

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How we helped a research and testing organisation reduce machinery noise in its workshop for staff to safely work in

Who’s the customer?
SATRA Technology is an independent research and testing organisation which was established in the UK in 1919. The organisation has technical facilities across Europe and in China that serve customers throughout the world, and as well as testing […]

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How can I use colour to create the perfect workplace environment?

Colour plays an important part of our every day lives, even though many of us probably don’t notice how it effects the way we feel. Harnessing the power of colour to get the most from your employees is a great […]

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How we helped a financial planning business make better use of unused space

Who’s the customer?

Dynamic Wealth is a Chartered Financial Planners offering a full range of comprehensive services from its Kibworth Harcourt offices in Leicester. The services they offer include Estate Planning and Wills, Investment Management, Savings and Investments, Mortgages, Protection and […]

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Mezzanines so big and strong you could park the Millennium Falcon on them – May the floor be with you!

If you thought that Mezzanine floors were designed just to accommodate light industrial goods then ‘I find your lack of Faith disturbing’ (Darth Vader) because ‘there is always a bigger fish!’ (Qui-Gon Jinn).

Here at Cubex Contracts we can design mezzanine […]

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It’s not all work! – A new break out area for an engineering team in Northampton

Our customer in Northampton asked us to create a little Games area as part of their refurbishment project – their engineering team are often spending long periods of time looking over drawings and calculations on their screens, and our customer […]

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