Prosaw Mezzanine Floor Testimonial With Transcript

Prosaw Mezzanine Floor Testimonial Transcript
We’d certainly recommend Cubex to anybody looking to utilise more space.

The installation of the mezzanine floor has gone very smoothly, right down from them arranging the lighting, the building control, all of the additional things that […]

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Mezzanine Floor Project For Larsson UK Video

Video Transcript
Edward Lockwood
So here at Larsson UK we’re business to business trade only motorcycle parts supplier. We bring in parts from all over the world and we distribute them to big franchise dealers as well as small one man workshops […]

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Langley Waterproofing Systems Ltd Office Refurbishment

This video illustrates an office refurbishment project in which Cubex Contracts renewed the entire three story offices of Langley Waterproofing Systems Ltd.

The project included office partitioning, suspended ceiling installation, lighting systems, air conditioning systems, decorating, flooring & office space planning.

This short video […]

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Mezzanine Floor Installation, Time Lapse Video

This time lapse video shows the Cubex Contracts team in action installing a mezzanine floor.

Our customer in Corby had an existing mezzanine floor (installed by others) that required extension.  The installation needed to be carried out over 4 days to […]

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