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A recent survey reported that 72%* of people working from home said that the sofa was their seating of choice during lockdown. You might be thinking how cosy that sounds, and yes it probably is – but if you are sitting “working” for many hours during the day, what you really need is something supportive and that’s where the humble office chair comes in.

The RE-ACT Deluxe task chair ( from Ocee Design)  comes in a range of optional extras including a head rest, coccyx cut-out and, seat and back lumbar support.

The RE-ACT Deluxe task chair ( from Ocee Design) offers a range of optional extras including a head rest, coccyx cut-out and, seat and back lumbar support.

Advice for employers

Due to the current situation, employers need to consider whether their employees will be required to continue working from home for a much longer period than initially thought. If that is the case they should carry out a remote ‘working from home’ assessment to determine if their employees have a set up which is suitable for the amount of hours they are carrying out their day-to-day work. This would include a risk assessment looking at where they are planning to work and if that space has everything they will need to do so safely, and by safely we also mean from a physical health perspective too.

It is the employer’s responsibility as a result of this assessment to:

a)     suggest improvements (if any) to their current set up

b)     discuss with them how you can help provide the necessary equipment/furniture they need to carry out their work safely (especially if they have nothing suitable they can use already)

c)      provide a quick and easy method they can request what they need from you (ie. email them a request form document)

When you have agreed their requirements you can supply what they need to do their work safely and without further risk to their health. In the absence of proper furniture, especially an adjustable office chair, your employees are more likely to put added strain on their bodies which will lead to aches, pains and possible injury in the long term.

If an employer does not believe their employee(s) will need to work from home for too much longer they should, if they have not done so already, provide their workers with advice on completing their own basic assessment at home. As an employer it is also up to you to stay in touch with your employee(s) and have regular discussions to assess if additional steps or support is needed.

The HSE website has some very useful information and links to a workstation checklist you can send to your employees.

IOSH published a guide (PDF) for employers on remote working, and this includes an “Assessment checklist for remote working”.

Advice for employees

Although it might be tempting to work from the sofa or stay snuggled in bed – neither of those options are good for your physical health.

If they haven’t been in touch with you already, contact your employer (probably a department head or HR person) and ask for a remote “working from home “ assessment to be carried out because you are concerned your home working set up is not adequate for the hours you will be sitting. They will help you get set up at home in the space you have available, and in many cases all you may need is an adjustable office chair.

An adjustable office chair, as its name suggests, can be adjusted in many ways to fit your needs – including height control and back position, and some even offer extra lumbar support, head rest options and adjustable arms.

How can Cubex help?

We can advise and supply you with a range of options when it comes to kitting out a home working space. From different size and shaped desks, to a fantastic choice of adjustable office chairs – we have options to suit every budget.

Please get in touch with us on 01933 460422 or email us to discuss your needs.

 PS If you are an employee send this blog post to your employer!

* Survey carried our by Physiotherapy provider Ascenti, 2,000 people took part in the survey.