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Existing client, SATRA Technology is an independent research and testing organisation which was established in the UK in 1919. With technical facilities across Europe and in China that serve customers throughout the world, and as well as testing products and components, they also develop, manufacture and sell test equipment.

The client contacted Cubex Contracts to help them solve a health and safety issue, which involved finding a solution to creating safe access, and a working area to maintain heating/venting plant that was located on a small purpose built platform in their Kettering workshop facility.

Our experienced project team proposed the install of two cat ladders and an additional platform.



Maintenance mezzanine Cubex Contracts installed for SATRA.


A close up of one of the cat ladders used to safely access the maintenance mezzanine.


To find out more about the project and – you can download the customer case study here:

thumbnail of SATRA case study pdf

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