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A mezzanine floor is an intelligent way to increase your floor space, without going through the hassle and expense of relocating. In these difficult times, post COVID 19 outbreak, many businesses are looking to consolidate their costs, including reviewing their premises expenses. Options around merging 2 locations can create a significant saving and that’s exactly how we helped a local Kettering company by installing a Mezzanine floor.

A storage mezzanine for Prosaw, Kettering

Prosaw in Kettering were utilising a storage facility outside of their main premises, which was proving costly and time consuming when needing to quickly fulfil a customer’s orders. The addition of a 180m² mezzanine allowed the customer to move stock back into their main facility and make a significant saving on outside storage costs.

Sales Director Rob O’Brien said:

‘For us, space is a premium and so our option was to either to look at further storage outside or to install this mezzanine flooring to put additional stock in… until now we have had to store equipment at three offsite locations and now with this additional 180 square meters, it’s meant we can bring everything back under one roof.’

Watch the storage mezzanine project process showing install of the main structure (including mezzanine deck and hand rails) here:

You can read more about the Prosaw Storage Mezzanine Floor project here (pdf download).

Office Mezzanines, Training Facility Mezzanines and more, all designed and installed by Cubex Contracts

At Cubex we will design your Mezzanine floor bespoke to meet your business needs and premises requirements. This could include designing the floor to accommodate office or training facilities, storage, production or all of these options. We will handle the building regulation application on behalf of our customers and appoint a Project Manager to ensure the build is smooth and completed in a timely manner.

Cubex Contracts have lots of experience in the design, install and project management for mezzanines of all sizes and requirements. If you need more room for storage, and want to avoid relocation costs and the hassle that goes with moving to new premises, we will work with you to make sure your new Mezzanine floor is exactly what you need to resolve your storage headaches and meets all the agreed standards. Contact us today on 01933 460422 to discuss your Mezzanine floor project.