2 mins to read blog - colour series

Colour plays an important part of our every day lives, even though many of us probably don’t notice how it effects the way we feel. Harnessing the power of colour to get the most from your employees is a great way to improve productivity and create a workplace environment that is a joy for them to be in for many hours a day (or night!).

What colours are good for your business?

The colours you choose will depend on your answer to these two questions:

  1. How do I want my employees to feel?
  2. What are my business brand colours?

Look at the graphic below to help you decide which combination of colours to choose from for your workplace:

colour groups to help you choose  the right combination of colours for your work place

You will notice that Black and White don’t feature in the groups as such in their basic form – this is because of the stark contrast they create in the space. But there is nothing to say you can’t use them sparingly in your own colour scheme, or with great effect if you really want to make a statement. Although your employees may not want either of these colours in a space where they work for many hours at a time.

How can I adapt my colour palette to different spaces?

Using combinations of colours from both groups will help you create the right balance. Of course you can’t ignore the other factor which is your brand’s own colour palette. Regardless of how you use colour to create the right workplace environment you also want what you do, to be on brand too.

For example if my main brand palette colours are dark blue and white, and I want the feel of a light airy space, where my employees feel both creative and safe I might put together a scheme which includes:

off white walls (to feel spacious and open, and less harsh on the eyes than white)

dark blue office furniture, and perhaps a feature wall (to create a feeling of safety)

turquoise office accessories and artwork (to encourage creativity)

Although blue is in the group for feeling calm, relaxed etc, if I use a brighter blue that has yellow in it I can create the feeling of creativity in smaller areas without coming away from my brand palette.

I can then use high levels of off white to create the feeling of space or alternatively less coverage of off white to create smaller intimate spaces, depending on what the space is used for.

It’s very rare that you will want your entire premises to have the same feel. It’s more likely that you will need to cater for different spaces in your workplace where you want to evoke different feelings.

For example you may have office areas where your staff need to concentrate and focus on complex issues, and in those areas you want to create a calm, relaxed environment. But you also want to provide them with recreational spaces where they can feel re-energised, uplifted and creative. If that is the case you need to work out a colour scheme that can work across your premises, that not only has flow and consistency – but also meets these differing requirements.

How can Cubex Contracts help?

Here at Cubex we can advise you on how you can use colour in your workplace to meet all the different requirements you may need. We have a wealth of experience putting together and delivering design ideas that are not only functional but also follow your specific brand guidelines – and this experience extends to everything from colour co-ordinated decor to office furniture, and other accessories and finishes.

If you want a workplace environment that improves productivity and feels so good your employees won’t want to leave, then get in touch with us today.
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