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Who’s the customer?

Dynamic Wealth is a Chartered Financial Planners offering a full range of comprehensive services from its Kibworth Harcourt offices in Leicester. The services they offer include Estate Planning and Wills, Investment Management, Savings and Investments, Mortgages, Protection and more.

They have decades of experience and pride themselves on having many customers that have continued to trust them with their finances for well over 25 years. Helping them every step of their lives, and often generation to generation.

What was the brief?

The client identified a need for more offices and meeting rooms and realised that the ground floor at its premises, which was mainly being used for storage, would be an ideal space to redesign for employee use.

Making sure all employees who would be relocated to the ground floor had a good amount of natural light to work in was very important to the Dynamic Wealth management team and this was a priority in their brief.

Another issue that had come to light was that the use of single glass in a closed office space upstairs meant there was very little privacy for employees and their clients to talk. Dynamic Wealth realised that while any refurbishment work was going on downstairs that this situation could potentially be remedied at the same time.

The client contacted Cubex Contracts about both projects to see if they could help.

What did we propose?

Ground floor-

As the wellbeing of their employees is very important to the client the first thing we did was to look at how we could design the ground floor offices and meeting rooms, so that they not only met the requirements for extra space, but also that every employee could see out of and benefit from the light from an external window.

We suggested a layout that made use of the available space and a partitioning system that included glass and integral blinds, so privacy could be maintained during client meetings.

The team at Cubex next turned their attention to improving the current air conditioning system. The client had one air conditioning unit in the middle of the ground floor. While this had been sufficient when the space was used for an open storage area it was not going to be good enough to service every office once the partitioning was installed.

We recommended modifications to the existing system and incorporated individual air conditioning units for every office and meeting room into the design.

Upstairs offices-

To improve the privacy of the single glass office upstairs, we removed the existing glass partitioning and replaced it with a stud double glazed system with sound block partitioning that went up into the ceiling void, and added privacy blinds. This suggested works improved privacy all round from both a sound reduction and visual privacy aspect.

About the project

Both projects were completed in June 2019 – with the upstairs office partitioning work being carried over a weekend so as not to interfere with the client business’ normal operating hours. The contractor team consisted of 3 air conditioning contractors, 2 electricians, and 2 partitioning fitters. The project was overseen by one of our experienced Project Managers who was supported by the Cubex Contracts administration team back at our offices in Northants.

“I have been delighted with the finished refurbishment – Cubex delivered exactly what they said they would, on time and with excellent project management, leaving a high quality finish and using workman that were professional and courteous. I am very to happy to act as a referee for Cubex should anyone wish to call and talk to me about our positive refurbishment experience. The whole process from start to finish was as pain free as possible.”

Allister Kitchen
Practice Manager, Dynamic Wealth

Some photos from the project:

unused ground floor space before installation of partitioning

Ground floor – open unused space being mainly used for storage


glass offices and meeting room with double glazed partitioning and blinds

Ground floor – new offices and meeting rooms created from partitioning with glass and integral blinds for privacy


glass meeting room with no privacy

Upstairs – corner office with single glazed glass partitioning


Double glazed meeting room with blinds

Upstairs – double glazed partitioning wall with integral privacy blinds installed


If you would like to download our Customer Story as a pdf you can do so here:

Customer Story - Dynamic Wealth Refurbishment Project by Cubex Contracts

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