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Who’s the customer?

SATRA Technology is an independent research and testing organisation which was established in the UK in 1919. The organisation has technical facilities across Europe and in China that serve customers throughout the world, and as well as testing products and components, they also develop, manufacture and sell test equipment. SATRA is a Notified Body for various European directives including Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). They are considered a leasing technical authority for footwear and leather – and a number of SATRA systems are recognised in the supply chain as setting industry standards for quality and production efficiency.

What was the brief?

SATRA had worked with Cubex Contracts before to construct steel partitioning, measuring 3m high, around an existing workshop facility. Unfortunately the increased noise created by new machinery within the workshop was such that the client could not move other employees into the area without reducing the decibels within the steel partitioned area. A noise surveyor brought in by SATRA has advised that a 45 decibel reduction needed to be made for the plans to move the employees in could go ahead. The client contacted Cubex to price for the removal of the existing stud wall and installation of sound bloc partitioning to reduce the noise levels.

The project had a very tight timescale with the client needing to move personnel into the facility and work on the other side of the new steel partitioning by the second week in June 2019 – they made contact with us in early May 2019.

What did Cubex Contracts propose?

We went out to see the client as soon as possible to take the brief. There were 38 linear metres of 3m high steel partitioning that we had previously installed during the building fit out that was still in situ, and creating a robust dirt barrier for the area. But this did not reach the ceiling which was up to 7m high in places. It was important to the client that the personnel working within the workshop could continue to be there during the proposed build.

Talking to SATRA it was clear they did not want to skip the steel partitioning, it had done an excellent job, was less than a year old and was being used elsewhere in the facility too. The client hoped we would be able to remove it so they could store it safely in case it could be used again elsewhere.

We proposed instead that we leave the steel partitioning in situ and an area of it was adapted to fit around the welding bay. We would then install the shaftwall system around it and up to the 7m height of the roof purlings. Shaftwall can be built from the outside and therefore was far safer to erect around the workshop personnel, meaning they could work safely and uninterrupted by the construction works. With a double skin of sound block partitioning and an acoustic rock wool insulation to the core, this partitioning would enable 50 decibel reduction to be achieved. Moreover, Shaftwall does not require decoration to the interior and the steel partitioning could continue to line the workshop, and provide protection from dirt and debris and the welding bay, to the new partitioning. This approach saved time and costs on the project whilst still achieving the aim to reduce noise and disruption during the project.

As well as the partitioning the client also required a double door set with acoustic seals and vision panels, 3 triple glazed windows and an extractor fan that circulated and renewed the air 3 times an hour.

SATRA agreed with our proposal to work with the existing steel partitioning and we set about getting the project underway as soon as was feasibly possible.

About the project

The shaftwall project was completed in just 2.5 weeks, and we left site on June 6th 2019, well within the client deadline for the personnel to be moved in to the facility. The contractors team consisted of 2 partitioning fitters, 1 labourer (who worked over the bank holiday weekend to ensure we met our project deadline), 2 decorators, and 2 tape and joiners. The project was overseen by one of our Project Managers, who was supported by the Cubex Contracts admin team too.

Some photos from the project:

shaftwall erected to reach high ceilings - before it's decorated

Shaftwall is erected to reach the high ceilings (up to 7m in places), around the existing workshop area.


shaftwall after decoration with acoustic sealed door

View of the shaftwall after decorating – with acoustic sealed double door and triple glazed windows.


inside the workshop showing the existing steel partitioning and shaftwall extending up to the ceiling

Showing inside of workshop where you can see existing steel partitioning creating the original shell – and now being supported with the shaftwall reaching up to the ceiling to seal the once open space.


If you would like to download our Customer Story as a pdf you can do so here:

SATRA case study cover image

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