Jumbo Stud Partition

Jumbo stud partitioning is built on the same principle as our stud partition but in a heavier duty.  Jumbo stud uses a 150mm galvanised steel section at its core, allowing us to build up to 11.0 metres high supported only at the floor and head.  A deflectable head detail allows for movement to designed tolerances to take in the flexing of roof materials under snow and wind loads.

Jumbo stud partitioning systems can contain a wide selection of standard and specialist boards, usually double thickness, to overcome issues of fire resistance, impact and sound absorption.  As a dry system there is less build time required with Jumbo stud partitioning than traditional concrete block walls, typically 50 square metres a day for a two man team.  The system has a flush, fully decorated surface to both sides and is light weight so can be sited directly onto a floor slab without the need for an expensive and messy foundation construction.  Specialist studs allow the system to be built from one side if access from one side is restricted.

Making this an extremely cost effective rapid and mess free solution where large warehouse areas have to be divided particularly if there is a requirement for them to form compartment walls.