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We were asked this question recently by a customer who had come to the end of their lease and decided to move across the road into a larger building – they had 3 separate mezzanines being used for storage purposes and wondered if it was possible to relocate them.

Storage Mezzanine

Storage Mezzanine

The simple and satisfactory answer to that question is ‘Yes! Of course we can!’

A mezzanine floor is a completely demountable structure, leaving behind it only drill holes in the building’s slab floor to indicate that it had ever been there at all.  They are easy to dismantle and relocate, often with little or no modification.

What about if you need a different configuration for your mezzanine, to suit the new space?
Our customer had some very specific needs and the Cubex Team were able to accommodate them by keeping one of their floors for storage purposes and joining the other two, thus creating a larger space  to be used as a showroom for customers to visit.  To comply with Building Regulations, the larger mezzanine floor was then fire protected with a 1 hour fire rated suspended ceiling, column cases and bulk head.

Being able to move your mezzanine floor, makes purchasing one a safe investment
Some customers looking to purchase a mezzanine floor for the first time are nervous to make the initial investment.  They are concerned that the floor will need to be removed and discarded in order to satisfy their dilapidation requirements should their lease expire or premises situation change.  The knowledge that Cubex can move their mezzanine floor should they need to in the future, and make any necessary modifications to it, does install confidence in the customer when making a buying decision.

Do you need to speak to a company who are experts at moving mezzanine floors?
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