Cubex Contracts were contacted one afternoon in early April 2014 by a customer we had supplied a Mezzanine floor to two years ago.  The customer was concerned as an accident with their Forklift truck had damaged the mezzanine, and they were worried that the structural integrity had been compromised.

After speaking with the customer to ascertain the extent of the damage, it seemed at first as though only the particle floor boards had been effected with all columns and beams remaining intact.  Not wishing to diagnose over the telephone, however, we immediately  advised the customer to stop their employees working on top, underneath or near the floor and offered to send out a member of the project team first thing the next morning to assess the damage and take photos for our structural engineering team to assess .

Due to the potential safety hazard of the floor , and the loss of productivity for our client because his employees could not work on or near the damaged floor, our Managing Director offered to inspect the mezzanine himself and was on site early the next morning.  What he found was a floor that had been knocked by the Forklift truck as it was lifting a pallet through the pallet gate and onto the chequerboard receiving deck.  This had damaged the particle board, however, the beams and columns both remained secure, intact and undamaged.  Comprehensive photographs of the damage were taken and forwarded to the structural engineers who confirmed that the floor was safe and the collision had not impacted it’s stability, weight load capacity or function.

This was confirmed within 8 working hours of the collision being reported to us and highlights our commitment to customers both new and old, that at Cubex we understand the safety and security of your staff is paramount along with minimising any disruption to your production time.

But what did our customer think about this level of service?

“I was extremely happy with the level of service from the moment I made the phone call to the engineer arriving very promptly the next morning (less than 24 hours). I would highly recommend these no matter how big or small the problem is……….”

Grant Tuthill,  Prestige Park and Leisure Homes