Office Mezzanine and Walkway

Typical Office Mezzanine Project

We were approached by our client in Wellingborough with a unique requirement for their mezzanine floor.  The company needed an office for their Production Manager with complete visibility over the production floor.  As space on the floor was constricted, the only option was to have  a mezzanine floor installed to house the production office and an area within the production facility had been identified.   The production process included the use of both a conveyor belt that couldn’t be moved and a crane that operated up to 3.2 metres high, both of which operated underneath the proposed mezzanine site.  The design of  both the mezzanine floor and office, therefore, needed to comprise the following features:

  • Fire protection as per the building regulations up to 60 minutes,  to protect the structure in case of fire;
  • Full visibility to the production area through windows on 3 sides;
  • A column grid that would cantilever over the conveyor belt below;
  • A floor height that was at least 3.2 metres high to the base of the fire protection  to allow for clearance for the crane;
  • A column grid that would allow for the swing of the crane when operational;
  • Insulation that would help with the sound protection to the production office, to provide a quieter area for the Production Manager to work in;
  • Partitioning to form the office that could be built from one side as there were access restrictions, due to the conveyor to the outside of the proposed enclosure;
  • Additional bracing to support the stability of the floor due to it’s height.

Cubex Contracts designed and installed the floor in March 2014 to the above specifications.  The new floor was built to 3.8 metres high with a 60 minute fire rated suspended ceiling and fire rated column casements to provide the recommended fire protection as per the building regulations.  The floor has 5 windows in 3 directions giving visibility across 80% of the production floor.  The grid has successfully cantilevered the conveyor and the crane is able to operate beneath the floor unrestricted.   The windows were installed with double glazing and insulation was installed above the office ceiling to further support sound reduction, with Composite partitioning being used to create the enclosure as it can be built from one side.    Additionally an electrical supply and lighting were added to the office enclosure to enable it to operate as a working office and a timber laminate flooring laid to allow for easy cleaning.