This time lapse video shows the Cubex Contracts team in action installing a mezzanine floor.

Our customer in Corby had an existing mezzanine floor (installed by others) that required extension.  The installation needed to be carried out over 4 days to coincide with the Whitsun shut down, reducing the down time on production and minimising disruption.  In addition to this the new floor needed to match the existing in terms of height, load bearing 4.8kN and accommodate the building regulations in terms of travel distances.

The floor is to be used for the both storage and production, therefore it required 60 minute fire protection to the elements of structure and lighting units.  Whilst surveying for the new floor, it was noted that the fire protection of the existing mezzanine lights was substandard and therefore Cubex Contracts rectified this during the installation.

The installation provided our customer with an additional 108 square metres of space and was completed within the 4 day timeframe.