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Local based charity Northamptonshire Industrial Training Association Ltd (NITAL) was originally established in 1969 to train and develop engineers. Today, NITAL provides first class, accredited training with over 300 member companies, spanning 25 areas and offers 100s of employment opportunities across the Midlands region.

What was the brief?

NITAL had invested in a new building based in Kettering, which was to become a one of a kind, and purpose built Training Academy to offer engineering Apprenticeships and specific specialist training for employers looking to advance the skills of their existing staff.

The building provided a vast amount of flexible space for the business to utilise and grow, however, it required some adaptation to completely meet NITAL’s needs.

What was the solution?

After careful consideration of the space we proposed that a mezzanine be installed to make full use of the height of the building and house two classrooms. Underneath we planned the area to include a kitchenette, changing rooms and storage facility, and in the remaining space on the ground floor we planned the practical learning area.

The project was completed over a period of 5 weeks. Our team of contractors comprised of plumbers, electricians, ceiling installers, partition fitters, flooring team, Mezzanine floor fitters, decorators, carpenters, air conditioning team and ground workers.

Project photos:

Nital refurbishment project by Cubex Contracts

Installation of the structure and stairwell for the training rooms, on the new mezzanine.


Nital refurbishment project by Cubex Contracts

Partitioning frame goes up on the mezzanine.

Nital refurbishment project by Cubex Contracts

With partitioning walls in place they are dry lined and then painted. Behind the scenes work on the final fixtures for the rooms can be completed.

For more photos and further details on this project:

Download the case study

NITAL refurbishment for a unique training facility case study









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