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If you thought that Mezzanine floors were designed just to accommodate light industrial goods then ‘I find your lack of Faith disturbing’ (Darth Vader) because ‘there is always a bigger fish!’ (Qui-Gon Jinn).

Here at Cubex Contracts we can design mezzanine floors big enough and strong enough to carry the dynamic load of Jabba The Hutt and Princess Leia in her Gold Bikini!

So, lets talk about potentially designing a Mezzanine floor that could comfortably house the Eta-2 Actis-class interceptor, the preferred Starfighter vessel of the Jedi (and Anakin Skywalker):

At 5.47m in length and 4.3m in width (an additional 2.5 metres if the wings are extended) this is a pretty compact vessel and we have designed and installed plenty of Mezzanine floors that could house the Actis-class Interceptor as 37.2m² is a relatively small mezzanine floor install for Cubex.

How about setting our sights on something a bit bigger?

Like the Millennium Falcon for example, an impressive, modified starship standing at 34.75 metres long – easy! Given its flying saucer shape it’s fair to assume the width is equal to the length, therefore 1,207 m² are required to house this starship when it’s not doing the usual kessel run.

Cubex helped a Northants based leisure company create more space within their facility by installing a super-sized 1200 square metre mezzanine floor complete with 4 staircases, a handy 6 metre pallet gate (for easy off-loading of those smuggled goods secreted in the smuggling hold) and full fire protection – over a 2 week program during the customers factory shut down. This floor was designed to have a higher deck at the far end to provide the easy movement of stock underneath. Although not designed specifically to land the Millennium Falcon, we feel our Mezzanine could have easily been up to the job (see below):

Design drawing of the super sized 1200 square metre mezzanine floor for our Northants based Leisure Company customer.

Design drawing of the super sized 1200 square metre mezzanine floor for our Northants based Leisure Company customer.

But how about landing the Millennium Falcon on a Mezzanine floor?

Well it’s a bit tricky to properly calculate the required load bearing. Why? Well obviously because this particular Corellian Engineering Corporation YT-1300F light freighter is built from elements not found on earth and as gravity varies from planet to planet; getting a weight comparison to work out the required kilonewtons per square metres to support the Falcon’s static load is nigh on impossible – our customer above had a mezzanine floor that could hold 7.2kN per m²! Surely even Chewbacca doesn’t weigh that much?

When it comes to large scale Mezzanine floors (aka Mega Mezzanines!) Cubex Contracts have lots of experience in the design, install and project management for a job of this size. We work with you to make sure the Mezzanine floor we leave you with is exactly what you need to resolve your storage headaches and meets all the agreed standards. So even if you don’t quite need something that is big and strong enough to park a Millennium Falcon, we’re the people you’ll want to talk to. Contact us today on 01933 460422 to discuss your Mezzanine floor project.

PS. If you’re reading this Han, we’re just waiting for the call :)

PPS. Yes, as far as we are concerned the original Star Wars films were the best and Han is still with us. 

May the Fourth (or Floor!) be with you!