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Could we store 20 million rubber ducks on a mezzanine floor? Of course we could!

But how big would that mezzanine floor need to be? Here’s how we’d work that out:

The footprint of a rubber duck (that’s the whole duck, not just the webbed bit!) is around 8.5 x 7.5 cm – so that equals 63.75cm². We could, therefore, easily fit 156 ducks per square metre – now, if we boxed those little rubber duckies up and they were stacked 10 high in a box, which would mean we could store 1,560 per m² or 641m² per 1 million rubber ducks!

So a mezzanine floor that is 12,820m² would comfortably store 20 million rubber ducks! 

But what about accessibility and safety?

Cubex Contracts would design and supply a shelving system, so that the boxes could be stacked 3 high which would not only reduce the Mezzanine floor footprint considerably, but the addition of a shelving system would also allow for:

  • proper walkways
  • aisles
  • escape routes
  • and the addition of a pallet gate for the Mezzanine floor would make sure the boxes could be lifted on and off the floor by a forklift!

We’d also take into consideration whether your employees will need to work on your Mezzanine floor for long periods of time – or just be there occasionally for loading and unloading. Because then we’d be able to advise you on Fire and Building Regulations as well and make sure your Mezzanine floor is all nice and compliant.

It’s about more than just creating a large storage space

Of course this is a very tongue in cheek scenario, however, at Cubex Contracts this is the due diligence that we go through when consulting with our customers over a Mezzanine floor design. It’s not just about how much you can store, or how much floor space you’d need – it’s also about thinking what would make that storage area accessible and safe to use for you and your employees.


When it comes to large scale Mezzanine floors (aka Mega Mezzanines!) Cubex Contracts have lots of experience in the design, install and project management for a job of this size. We work with you to make sure the Mezzanine floor we leave you with is exactly what you need to resolve your storage headaches and meets all the agreed standards. Whether you need to store anything from bicycle pumps to rubber ducks, we’re the people you’ll want to talk to. Contact us today on 01933 460422 to discuss your Mezzanine floor project.