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Mezzanine Fire Protection

From Class One To 60 Minute Fire Protection

Apart from ensuring your employees and visitors to your premises have access to adequate fire exits, ensuring the required fire protection is installed with your mezzanine structure will give you time to evacuate the floor quickly and safely in the case of a fire.

Building Regulations stipulate that the size and usage of your Mezzanine Floor will determine if you require fire protection or not. Generally speaking the following rules apply:

  • All Mezzanine Floors that have personnel working on them for the majority of the working hours i.e offices/meeting rooms and light assembly works/production will require the elements of structure to be protected for a period of 30 or 60 minutes, depending upon the purpose group of the building.
  • A small to medium sized Mezzanine Floor, which is used predominantly for storage purposes, without the presence of people for most of the working day may not require fire protection measures. Speak to us if you are unsure.
  • A large industrial scale Mezzanine Floor that is over 20 metres in length or that takes up a considerable proportion of the building footprint will require fire protection to all elements of the structure, regardless of what it is used for.

At Cubex Contracts we consider the safety of our customers, their employees, and visitors to be of the utmost importance. We occasionally advise customers to include some fire protection and detection, even for floors where it is not required by Building Regulations to future proof it against changing business needs and usage for the floor.

The types of fire protection we may suggest include:

  • fire rated suspended ceilings (that run the entire underside of the structure)
  • column casements that are fitted round steel columns and offer 60 minutes of fire protection*
  • bulkheads to protect the void between both ceiling and deck to prevent the fire spreading in this area*.

* These can be made from galvanised steel, with a white PVC facing or a double skin of plasterboard depending upon the environment

Whatever the size of your Mezzanine Floor, or the reason you need to have one – we are always happy to advise what fire protection and smoke detection is both necessary, and optional should you wish to include it. Contact Cubex Contracts today on 01933 460422 or use our Contact Form to let us know your requirements.