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New guidance from Public Health England (PHE) advises that the risk of heart attacks, cancer and diabetes can by reduced by spending at least 2 hours per day on your feet.  The study shows that prolonged sitting may “significantly and independently increase the risk of cardio metabolic disease and premature mortality”.

This ground breaking research has been published in an attempt to curb the health risks of too much sitting down and Cubex Contracts are delighted to respond to this by introducing a new range of Sit Stand office desking  The new range of height adjustable furniture can be found in our 2016 Furniture catalogue and can be adjusted using electronic keypad, features include 3 settings, a memory function and store.

What are the risks for your staff who spend a lot of the working day sitting at their desks?

Actually there are more health risks that you might realise, and as a responsible employer who takes their obligations of Health and Safety seriously you might be interested to read the following:

Risks of Sitting

  • Reduced calorie brining and lower metabolic rate
  • Disrupted blood sugar levels
  • The shut down of enzymes responsible for burning harmful fat
  • Seizing of leg muscles
  • High levels of insulin and blood pressure

What are the health benefits for your staff if they stand for at least 2 hours a day?

The benefits far outweigh the risks of sitting all day for staff who typically work at desks for long periods of time. Your staff will see improvements to their health, and in turn your business will benefit from increased productivity, creativity and reduced sick days.

Benefits of Standing

  • Revitalises metabolism, burning  between 50-60 extra calories per hour
  • Elevates  blood flow to the brain
  • Optimises productivity and creativity
  • Reduced risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer and other chronic illnesses
  • Promotes a healthier spine and joints
  • Prevention of muscle inactivity
  • Aids in the relief of muscular pain

Other interesting research

In July 2015 The Daily Mail reported that the NHS, taking heed of recent research, was conducting a spot of research themselves and had implemented height adjustable desks at 3 hospitals in Leicestershire for a 12 month period. The full article, including other research studies and results can be found here.


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