Prosaw Mezzanine Floor Testimonial Transcript

We’d certainly recommend Cubex to anybody looking to utilise more space.

The installation of the mezzanine floor has gone very smoothly, right down from them arranging the lighting, the building control, all of the additional things that we perhaps wouldn’t have necessarily known needed to have been done and they got those done very smoothly for us.

I’m Rob O’Brien, I’m the sales director at Prosaw and we’re the UK’s largest supplier of steel sawing equipment and metal forming equipment.

Our customers include aerospace, petro-chemical, engineering and steel and aluminium fabricators.

The company started here in the 1970s, and over the last 48 years has grown to the size that we are, where we stock over £1 million worth of machinery.

But for us, space is a premium and so our option was to either to look at further storage outside or to install this mezzanine flooring to put additional stock in.

So we did some research on mezzanine companies and Cubex were recommended as one to consider. And after the tender process due to price and delivery, Cubex were the ones that we selected.

Cubex provided us with a project manager, Chris, who came along. He really helped the process go very smoothly and really allowed us to just concentrate on our own business.

But prior until now we have had to store equipment at three offsite locations and now with this additional 180 square meters, it’s meant we can bring everything back under one roof.

Which means things can deliver to our customers a lot quicker and we can keep it all contained here at Prosaw.