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Who’s the customer?
Bousfields, based in Corby, are experts in specialist surface technology. Established 70 years ago they have perfected the production of high-quality materials, finishes and fabrication techniques. The company has invested heavily in their factory to ensure they always achieve the greatest quality, through a streamlined and modern approach to manufacturing for specialist surface technology.

What was the brief?
Bousfields contacted Cubex Contracts following a flood in their gents toilets. The flood had caused major damage to the area which had to be completely stripped out and refurbished with a lot of repair work being made to the subfloor.

When the customer spoke to Cubex they also decided to ask them to cost for the refurbishment work to include the ladies toilets, reception and hospitality area at the same time.

About the project
With an eye for quality Bousfields wanted a high spec finish and this resulted in Cubex presenting them with multiple floor tile options, and the opportunity to choose a bespoke paint colour that was mixed especially for the project.

As the customer is an expert in specialist surface manufacturing the old doors were replaced with high spec American Walnut veneer finishes and they also manufactured bespoke kitchen doors and cubicle structures in-house.

One of the key challenges on the project was that Cubex’s project timeline needed to allow for the customer’s fabrication times for bespoke items, as well as allowing for drying time needed on the subfloor repair.

In total the project duration was 4 months between December 2018 and April 2019 – with a contractor team comprising of 2 strip out contractors, 2 floor tiling contractors, 2 carpenters, 2 decorators and 2 plumbers. The project was overseen by one of our dedicated Project Managers and the Cubex Contracts administration team provided additional support to ensure the project ran smoothly.

Some photos from the project:

Flood damaged kitchen

Flood damaged kitchen area at Bousfields, Corby

Refurbished kitchen area - installed by Cubex Contracts and with bespoke cabinet doors manufactured by the customer

Refurbished kitchen area – installed by Cubex Contracts and with bespoke cabinet doors manufactured by the customer

Flood damaged urinals (gents toilets)

Flood damaged urinals (gents toilets)

Refurbished urinals gents with high spec cubicles manufactured by the customer

Refurbished urinals (gents) with high spec cubicles manufactured by the customer in-house


If you would like to download our Customer Story as a pdf you can do so here:

Refurbishment after flood damage at Bousfields - Customer Story pd









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