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Our new partnership could benefit you
These have been challenging times; many of you have told us you’d like to adapt the space you have but have been thinking twice in the current climate…but what if you could make these changes whilst still holding on to your cash?

We’ve got good news!
Cubex Contracts has partnered with a leasing company specialising in fit out/refurbishments, offering finance on everything including furniture (even pre-loved furniture!) and we’re now able to offer an alternative payment method to help you spread the cost and keep hold of your cash.

  • Spread costs over time – Aligning costs to the return on the investment for ultimately depreciating assets, is an extremely powerful alternative to paying in full, upfront.
  • Tax benefits – The lease (including interest) is effectively 100% tax deductible typically making leasing significantly more cost effective than using capital for most.
  • Low, fixed costs – Costs are fixed for the duration of the agreement from the outset irrespective of changes to interest rates.
  • Retain capital – Leasing removes the upfront drain on cash flow, enabling you to utilise this elsewhere within the business.
  • Reduce risk – Existing credit lines and banking facilities remain untouched, reducing reliance on current finance providers.
  • Turnkey funding – The finance can be structured to include all of the project costs, from multiple suppliers if required.

It’s quick and easy to get a no obligation quotation through our partners, just call or email us for further details.

One thing is for sure – those companies that adapt will do best, so whether you:

Cubex Contracts is here to help you make the most of your space with our new financing option, so call today on 01933 460422 or email us to discuss the details.