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Our customers often present our design team with complex requirements, and we are happy to rise to the challenge of designing the right solution for them. We were delighted when Prestige & Homeseeker Park and Leisure, a client we had installed a Mezzanine floor for several years previously, contacted us to discuss a new Mezzanine for their new production facility.

The brief

Prestige & Homeseeker Park and Leisure in Rushden, fabricates static homes.  Their production facility houses two production lines, one each running down each side of their facility, mirroring each other. The production process involves a static home chassis starting one end of the line, moving down in stages.  At each stage fittings, including plumbing, electrics, carpentry, furniture, the roof etc are installed until a complete home reaches the far end of the line. The finished home is then stored ready for customer delivery.

The customer was restricted, due to space, with the amount of roofs they were able to produce and they were anxious to increase production capacity.  The roofs are fabricated in 2 pieces, complete with trusses, struts, tiles and then bolted together, fixed to the house with the use of a crane and then a ridge tile applied. The biggest challenge was that the roof fabrication was taking up a huge amount of floor space and it was thought that the addition of a mezzanine floor would enable them to produce twice the amount of roofs and therefore accelerate the total production process.

Our initial conversations with the customer highlighted that:

  • The production space on the floor could not be encroached upon by any supporting mezzanine columns
  • A specific clearance needed to be maintained so that the roofs could be craned over the mezzanine handrail and fixed to the homes, due to the height of the facility ceiling, the mezzanine could not be more than 3.6m high, giving a tolerance of just 10cm!
  • The use of a forklift truck during the production process, servicing both production lines with materials meant that, due to the height mast on the truck being 3m, the underside of the floor needed to have at least a 3m channel running down the centre to allow the forklift access;
  • The customers landlord’s insurance company insisted upon having sprinklers fitted to the underside of the Mezzanine, meaning that the void between the underside of the new mezzanine and the ceiling had to accommodate this, as did the fire protected bulkhead
  • The customer used compressed air during their production process that also needed to be housed within this void along with a 110V electricity supply;
  • The finished height of the Mezzanine needed to be much higher at one end to enable the finished house, complete with roofing to be despatched from the production facility’
  • The whole Mezzanine floor, fire rated suspended ceiling, fire rated bulkheads, electrics, column casements, sprinkler system, electrics and compressed air pipes needed to be installed during a two week factory holiday.

What did Cubex propose?

Our design team got their heads together, (drank quite a lot of coffee!) and produced several different design drafts until the perfect solution was found! The new floor design included:

  • 1200 square metres of additional floor space in the form a mezzanine floor!
  • A Cantilever deck design to allow for maximum deck space, but with no columns impacting on the production area;
  • A higher mezzanine area at the end of the production line to allow for the product to be dispatched through goods out;
  • A 6m gate on the mezzanine to allow for the easy storage of roofing materials;
  • A 3m channel down the centre of the underside of the floor to allow for forklift access
  • A specially designed fire rated bulkhead to allow for the Sprinkler system pipework.
  • A 2 week program of works that meant the floor could be installed by 9 mezzanine floor installers along with 6 ceiling fitters, and the customers contractors; a further 5 sprinkler fitters, 5 electricians and 2 compressed air fitters!

The result? See for yourself!

Warehouse for Prestige Homes in Rushden before industrial mezzanine is installed by Cubex Contracts Northants

Before: The production facility at Prestige & Homeseeker Park and Leisure in Rushden before the industrial mezzanine was installed.


View of the industrial Mezzanine installed by Cubex Contracts Northants for Prestige Homes

After: View of the industrial mezzanine installed at Prestige & Homeseeker Park and Leisure Rushden by Cubex Contracts


Roofs being craned in on top of industrial mezzanine at Prestige Homes Rushden - project by Cubex Contracts Northants

Roofs being craned in on top of industrial mezzanine at Prestige & Homeseeker Park and Leisure Rushden – project by Cubex Contracts Northants


If you would like to read the full customer case study you can download it here:



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