Andy MacKenzie: ‘Hi, my names Andy from Cubex. We specialise in creating workplace environments, using products such as suspended ceilings, mezzanine floors, partitioning systems we make the best use of the space available in your property. Now, I think we give a pretty good service, but have a listen to what a couple of our past customers have to say.’

What were your initial requirements?

Gary Dransfield: ‘The Leprosy Mission is based in Peterborough, it’s part of a worldwide organisation and the building in Peterborough was in serious need of renovation and modernisation. And what we wanted to do was to modify and change the ground floor from what was originally a closed office environment into a more open plan. Refurbish it, make it more attractive to the staff and to also allow the staff to engage with each other far more easily in an open plan office environment.’

Paula Newcombe: ‘Initially we required the office to be refurbished because we were recruiting. So we asked Cubex to come and talk to us about refurbishing the office, the kitchen, the training room and installing a brand new office for the directors.’

What did Cubex do that gave you the confidence to appoint them as a contractor?

Gary: ‘We were very quickly impressed regarding the level of professionalism that they showed, the level of design intent, the flare if you would. And as the project progressed we found that how they interacted with us, the liaison between myself, the staff and the people on site, the level of safety awareness which we were very impressed with.’

Paula: ‘They were extremely friendly, very professional, listened to what I had to say, gave us a project plan and delivered that project in budget and on time.’

How did Cubex respond to your requirement?

Gary: ‘What Cubex is delivered a project completion to requirement, to cost, to design intent and to the quality that we required. It’s as simple as that.’

Paula: ‘I had an idea of what we required, the offices were a bit out-dated and they needed modernising, but we also needed more space. I asked Andy to come along, he came along, had a look, measured up, listened to my ideas, gave me some suggestions and took away what he came out with. He then produced some plans and gave me some more ideas with a project plan of timings. We made a decision, we had samples sent so that we could decide on colour scheme and floors, and we had a costing for that, we gave the go-ahead and work commenced. It ended up in a two-phase project to minimise disruption.’

Would you recommend Cubex in the future?

Gary: ‘Well we are really delighted with the design changes and the quality of work that has taken place and we would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Cubex.’

Paula: ‘The project went smoothly and without a doubt I would use them again.’


Andy: ‘Having heard what some of our customers have to say and if you are considering a refurbishment project in your premises; then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.’

‘Was that ok?’