Mezzanine Deck FlooringMezzanine floor decks can be designed very much around the customer’s ideal finish, depending upon the usage of the floor.  For storage and industrial use, many customers prefer a particle board, or chequer plate steel finish or a combination of the two.  If you are considering a floor to accommodate either an office or show room for example, a more aesthetically pleasing finish may be required.  Particle board can be used as the sub floor over which any manner of carpet, vinyl, wood or laminate covering can be laid.   In addition, a computer floor can also be put on top of Particle board to provide for any cabling and data points needed.

Particle board is made from 38mm composite board constructed out of fine timber particles bonded to resin.  It is designed and manufactured specifically for Mezzanine floors due to its relatively strong point load ability (up to 500kg per day of shelving over four points).  Under universally dispersed loads the board’s strength is even more impressive as it can provide the robust load ability with joists that are widely spaced.  The boards are tongue and grooved all the way round, providing a single skin that creates the deck over the steel structure.  We are able to supply a moisture  resistant particle board for areas where moisture may ingress onto the Mezzanine deck and Cubex have also supplied foil backed boards in situations where fire protection has not been required, however, building control are requesting Class O spread of flame protection.

Steel is also a useful material to lay as a mezzanine deck, although it’s more expensive than particle board. The applications for steel use are mainly in food processing environments where the deck is normally galvanised.  The steel can be painted, and fire protected using specialist coatings to provide protection again corrosion.  Steel is certainly the stronger option for weight bearing considerations, however, many of our customers prefer to use a combination of the two applications, using a steel chequer board plate for receiving pallets through a pallet gate, and particle board for the remainder of the floor.  If you are unsure which deck option is best to lay on your Mezzanine structure, then speak to Cubex Contracts for expert advice.