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As part of our 21st Anniversary celebrations we’ve been asking some of our staff what it’s like to be a part of the Cubex team. This is what Steven, our Design Team Leader said:

whats it like to part of the cubex team  - steven butt

“At Cubex I think the most important thing is the trust we have in our managers and team as well the trust the managers and team have in us. It helps that all of the employees are all very professional and pleasant on a personal level.  We all work hard and are recognized for doing so; that is rewarded either financially or in career progression opportunities being made available.

 Personally, I am learning new things and being positively challenged every day. I have never worked for a company that has been so employee-focused especially as caring for me and my young family at home. I can’t think of any other employer that does what they do for their employees, personally and professionally.

 I am extremely proud to say that I work here and look forward to what the future holds together.”

Steven Butt
Design Team Leader

Thanks for sparing the time to share your thoughts with us Steven! Next month we hope to pin down Mason and find out what he has to say.