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At Cubex Contracts we take our corporate  social responsibility very seriously – we may  be a small business, but we all have big hearts!

Jane and Fran are both trustee’s of a local charity.  Andy is often out of the office during December as his fame for playing Santa has spread to shopping centres and schools all over the county!  Alan really did out do us all, however, by raising money for the RNIB by climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

IN 2016 we helped our BNI Synergy group raise money with a raffle, and donated easter eggs to local charity “Action for Asperger’s” as part of Autism Awareness month.

photo showing BNI Synergy members including cubex contracts donating eggs to Action for Aspergers as part of Autism Awareness month

Members of BNI Synergy holding up their donated Easter eggs to the charity Action for Asperger’s

In 2017 we donated £200 to the Cameras 4 Kids Appeal, this worthy appeal is raising a further £1,000 to supply cameras for kids in Africa. These will not only become part of the kids education but will help raise awareness, sponsorship and funds. Martin and Linda Bird who are heading up the appeal, have travelled to Swaziland the last 2 years to help a local children’s charity. 

We donated money to Cameras 4 Kids Appeal - and you can help support them too

Cameras 4 Kids Appeal – you can help support them too.

We donated money to Cameras 4 Kids Appeal - and you can help support them too

Donating money to this worthy appeal will help them buy the equipment that is needed.

And we were delighted to receive a lovely letter and photo to thank us for our donation!

cubex donates money to cameras 4 kids - thank you letter

cubex donates money to cameras 4 kids - thank you photo


So far in 2018 we’ve donated a £50 John Lewis Gift Voucher to Action for Asperger’s Charity Raffle, held at their AGM and Conference in April. This is a charity we are pleased to support on an ongoing basis and do all we can to raise awareness for such a worthy cause. And we were delighted to get a thank you letter from Elaine Nicholson MBE, CEO of Action of Asperger’s as well as a lovely email from Mr D Sands who won our prize.

Cubex donates raffle prize to Action for Aspergers


Dear Cubex

At the Action for Asperger’s conference and AGM yesterday (Sunday) I was fortunate enough to win from the raffle the £50 John Lewis voucher donated by your company.

Action for Asperger’s is a splendid charity doing amazing work.  Daniel, the young man to whom I give care, benefits considerably from AfA’s help.  In Cambridgeshire, where we live, the NHS response when Asperger’s is diagnosed is “we don’t have an Autism service.”  This is the same in most if not all of the other areas of the Country.  AfA is trying to fill a huge gap.  It receives no grant funding and Elaine Nicholson, the charity’s driving force, works long hours without pay to keep it going and to help a significant number of clients who would otherwise be without support and treatment.  It is a worthy recipient of your company’s charitable work and I encourage you to continue to give it support.

We intend to put your voucher towards some noise cancelling headphones for Daniel to help him cope with the sensory overload that confronts him when he goes out of his house and often prevents him going out at all.  In an ideal world these would be available on prescription for everyone on the Autistic spectrum but in reality there are too many such people.  So your voucher has helped AfA through the sale of raffle tickets and has helped Daniel directly.

Congratulations and many thanks for your donation.

Kind regards
D. Sands


You can find out more about how we serve the community in which we do business either by viewing our CSR blog posts or by visiting our Facebook page.

At Cubex Contracts we take our corporate  social responsibility very seriously