Installation of a new meeting room with a sound attenuating glazed partition
H&MV Engineering

Client: H&MV Engineering

Projects: Installation of a new meeting room with a sound attenuating glazed partition

Included: Installation of glazed partitions, manifestation on the glass and sound attenuation within the ceiling

Contractor Team: Partition fitters, glaziers and project management

Project Duration: 1 week

Who's the customer?

H&MV Engineering is a leading global Provider of Specialist Design, Engineering and Construction Services.  They are also a market leader within their field and a trusted partner for Mission Critical facilities, Renewable Developers, and Transmission and Distribution Utilities globally.

In addition, H&MV Engineering are a certified Carbon Neutral Organisation who are committed to being environmentally responsible with a driving ambition to continually foster sustainable initiatives.

What was the brief?

The customer, H&MV Engineering, were in need of an additional meeting room within their busy office space.  Not only did the new meeting room need to offer a modern aesthetic, but it also needed to accommodate regular private and confidential conversations among the workforce.  Because of this, transparency and sound control were two key elements to consider as part of the design and build for this partitioning system.


What did we propose?

We understood the importance of finding a contemporary workspace solution and suggested a glazed partitioning system to create a sleek, modern look that maximised the available light.

In support of the customers privacy requirements, we designed a double-glazed acoustic partition with a framed door.  Whilst this would be an effective way to incorporate sound attenuation into the partition design, we knew we could do more!  That’s why we suggested soundproofing the ceiling above the meeting room to reduce sound transfer by combining acoustic insulation with sound isolation clips and soundproof panels.  This would drastically minimise distractions of outside noise from the main office, whilst keeping the conversations taking place from inside the meeting room private.

Lastly, in aid of visual privacy (and aesthetics!) we recommended adding a manifestation to the glazed partition.  This is a frosted treatment added to the glass that prevents others from looking in (and vice versa).  Not only that, but we also suggested adding the customers company logo to the glass partition too, echoing company branding.

About the project

We are passionate about providing an efficient service, creating sustainable initiatives within the corporate world whilst showcasing exceptional attention to detail on our customer projects – and we think we out-did ourselves here!  From start to finish, this project was completed in just 1 week.

Not only did the customer have a new, contemporary and private workspace to utilise in such a short space of time, their team experienced minimal disruption as our contractors executed every stage of this project quickly and professionally.

And we must say, in terms of aesthetics this double glazed partitioning system is a real eye catcher!  Plus, you’d think it had been in the office for years – it looks like part of the furniture!

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