Partitioning Systems

Maximise your workspace potential with partitioning.

Office Partitioning

Many employees have a tough time concentrating in an open office as their colleagues tap away at their keyboards, talk on the phone or consult with other team members.  This creates the need for smaller, quieter and private spaces.  And this need has only been exacerbated in today’s modern world where more confidential conversations are taking place to accommodate delicate topics including mental and physical wellbeing.

Here at Cubex Contracts, we specialise in many different partitioning systems including composite, glazed, sliding, stud and jumbo stud.  We’ve summarised each style of partitioning below, but for more information take a look at our blogs page.  Or get in touch to speak to our Experts!

Or if it’s the cost you’re thinking about, why not use our Project Estimator?  You can get a ballpark figure for your bespoke project, helping you to plan, prepare and budget.

Office Design

Composite Partitioning

Composite partitioning is a firm favourite among Cubex customers; With composite partitioning, you can maximise your workspace potential by creating additional offices, meeting rooms, break-out zones, communal areas and more! 

Composite partitioning is a versatile and fully relocatable partition with an entry-level price tag.  When you partner with Cubex Contracts, we’ll design and construct your composite partitioning walls from solid plasterboard, incorporate fully or part glazed glass panels (with blinds!) and aluminium doors too – if that’s what you want of course!

Whatever your need for space, composite partitioning can be a great solution!


Glazed Partition Walls

Glass office partitioning (also known as glazed) favours a sophisticated aesthetic and allows for excellent light flow – Ideal for contemporary offices.  Glazed partitions create modern meeting rooms that are perfect for hosting interviews, weekly 1:1 meetings and client check-ins (and they’re somewhere for you to dial into conference calls in peace!).

Dividing an open space into smaller working areas with glass partitioning is a great way to implement privacy, sound reduction and confidentiality into your workplace.  And speaking of sound reduction, we think you might like to know that a single glazed partition offers a sound attenuation (reduction) of up to 39 decibels (tested in laboratory conditions).  And a double glazed acoustic partition with a framed door offers a sound attenuation of up to 46 decibels (in laboratory conditions). 

And it doesn’t end there… Did you know that you can add manifestations (a frosted design treatment) to internal glass partitions?  You could have a frosted pattern (dots or squares perhaps) or your own company logo to echo company branding. 

Sliding Partitioning

Sliding office partitions (also known as sliding walls) offer multiple benefits including aesthetics, sound attenuation and adhoc privacy, perfect for busy workspaces. They’re also a cost effective solution to maintaining an open plan feel while satisfying the need for private, quite spaces away from the distractions of the main office.

When it comes to sliding partitioning there are two options:

1. A partition that operates on a track instead of swinging open like a hinged door, allowing businesses to transform open working areas into enclosed separate spaces effortlessly.

2. A folding sliding partition – A fantastic solution for hotels, conference centres, lecture theatres, large meeting rooms and other businesses looking to maximise the use of space. With a range of custom-built hinged panel walls, sliding folding partitioning systems can either be hung from a ceiling track or supported by a low-profile surface mounted floor track. Either way, the partition slides along the track, folding into sections at each hinge.  The folding walls can be single parting and stacked at one end, or bi-parting and stacked at both ends… The choice is yours!

Stud Partitioning Systems

A stud partition wall is a galvanized steel stud fame with plasterboard either side (great for moisture resistance and vapour control), and rockwool infill for sound attenuation.  This is then taped and jointed before being decorated to resemble a standard plasterboard wall.  It can then be decorated to give a seamless and solid wall appearance, or it can be finished with aluminium trims and vinyl.

Commonly used in refurbishment projects, stud office partition walls are rarely constructed as load-bearing structures (load bearing walls are usually made from sturdier materials such as concrete, steel and brick).

Stud partitioning is quick and easy to install, and is a cost-effective way of dividing a large room into smaller sections. 


Jumbo Stud Partitioning

If you’re looking for a way to divide the space within a warehouse or factory then jumbo stud partitioning could be your ideal solution.  Using 150mm galvanised steel sections at its core, jumbo stud partition walls can be built up to 11m high, are fire resistant and sound absorbing too.

Jumbo stud is stronger, more durable and more secure than most partitioning systems (not surprising – the clue is in the name!) because of its metal framework, and it can be finished to resemble a plasterboard wall.

Just like composite and stud partitioning, you can incorporate seamless glass sections with manifestation.  And, if you need to return a leased building back to its original dilapidations, jumbo stud partitioning can be easily removed – another brilliantly flexible solution!

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There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to partitioning.  That’s why the cost of a partition installation will differ from one project to the next as no two workspaces are the same and customer requirements always differ too.

If you’re considering installing a new partition in your office or industrial unit, why not try our Project Estimator to better determine the cost of your workspace project?  Or better yet, get in touch to arrange a site visit and we’ll provide you with a precise quote that will tick all of your space needs boxes.

By the way, many companies prefer to spread the cost of their workplace refurbishment project rather than take a hit on the upfront capital cost. That’s why we work with a specialist leasing company to give our customers the flexibility of options. If you think you might be interested in a lease option, let us know and we can liaise with our chosen lease company at quotation stage.

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