How a large two tier mezzanine helped this business become one of the biggest parts distributors in the UK
Larsson UK

Client: Larsson UK

Projects: Installation of mezzanine floor to allow for added space and improved workflow efficiencies

Included: Project Management, Building Control Communication, Design of Works

Contractor Team: Mezzanine contractors, ceiling fitters and general builders.

Project Duration: 13 Days

Who's the customer?

Larsson UK is business to business trade only motorcycle parts supplier based in Corby, serving franchise dealers to small one person workshops all over the UK and Ireland. With their current warehouse running out of space the business was finding it hard to keep up with the increase of orders. They took on an additional unit next door which effectively doubled their floor space area.To make this new space stretch even further Larssons investigated having a mezzanine floor installed.

What was the brief?

Larssons wanted to maximise their new space as much as possible in order to increase their stock levels and ultimately enable them to fulfil orders for their customers quicker. In line with a mezzanine floor they were also investigating workflow efficiencies with having their high turnover goods stored on the ground floor.

It was important that goods could be lifted onto the mezzanine floor by means of a pallet gate at the entrance of the unit, next to the roller shutter door for goods in, and the floor design would need to accommodate the racking weights that would be installed upon it. The column span for the new mezzanine floor also needed to accommodate the racking design underneath the first floor deck.

After approaching several companies, Larssons appointed Cubex Contracts because they wanted a contractor who could manage the whole project from start to finish, including the building regulation procedures and install the necessary fire protection. Cubex offer a full turnkey service and are accredited with three of the member organisations within the Safety Schemes in Procurement body and were, therefore, able to act as Principle Contractor for this project, which is exactly what the customer wanted!

Edward Lockwood
“We decided to go with Cubex because we needed someone to manage the project right from the beginning all the way through to the end. This included planning, achieving building regulation standards and actually the full installation right to the handover. Cubex were very accommodating, we had some very specific requirements, for example we wanted to have as fewer number of posts on the ground floor as possible, we also wanted to have a 2-tiered mezzanine, which wasn’t the normal standard to go down. Cubex were able to accommodate us and the final result we are very happy with.”
Larsson UK

What did we propose?

Cubex proposed a two storey mezzanine floor to maximize the potential space available – this consisted of the first storey being exactly the same size as the foot print of the ground floor, with a slightly smaller second tier to allow for height restrictions with the pitch of the roof.

To greater improve time efficiency when picking goods on the mezzanine and to comply with building regulations there were two staircases leading up to the first storey, from different corners of the unit. The second tier, also needed to have two staircases to comply with travel distance restrictions within the building regulations. Cubex then proposed that two double doorways were opened up along the party wall joining the two units, wide enough to allow for a pallet truck to pass through.

We recommended a free-standing mezzanine structure because it offers several benefits over a rack-supported structure. The key ones being flexibility, you can use it for racks or you can use it for pallet storage. The other key consideration here was fire protection, you can easily fire-protect a mezzanine structure; you can’t with a rack supported structure.

About the project

There was a lot of preparation involved during the design stage of the project due to a) the slab weight restrictions on the concrete floor of the new unit and b) designing the column grid around the requirements of the racking design underneath the mezzanine, as well as the weight allowances for goods to be stored on the mezzanine deck above. We included bigger base plates on the column to deal with the subsoil bearing pressure issues and ensured the column grid met the requirements of the building regulations, yet still gave the customer as much un-interrupted space as possible.

The customer was delighted with the end result and told us that the new two tier mezzanine will now allow them to stay in the building for anywhere from 5 to 10 more years meaning there is no immediate need to go through the hassle of moving their UK operation. From a long term perspective they are now able to fulfil their customers demands almost immediately with a much higher level of stock being held and this alone has helped Larssons become one of the biggest motorcycle parts distributors in the UK.

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