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Finance your next workplace refurbishment project 

The flexibility of finance allows businesses to grow (literally!) without draining their cash flow.

Many Cubex customers prefer to spread the cost of their mezzanine installation or fit out & refurbishment project instead of taking a hit on the upfront capital cost. That’s why we work with a specialist leasing company to give our customers the flexibility of options.

The leasing options allow customers to invest in their business premises through monthly instalments to prevent draining their cash flow.  In fact, there are a number of reasons customers choose to finance their project including tax benefits, capital retention, budgeting, VAT and more!

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The Tax Benefits of Leasing your Workplace Refurb Project

Cubex customers can benefit from 100% tax relief on the capital and the interest instead of using cash upfront. 

While capital allowances can be claimed when using cash, the leasing options available through our leasing partner provide a 100% tax-deductible solution that covers the entirety of your project (including labour!). 

Retaining your Capital Budget

Adapting your strategies, implementing incremental solutions as finances permit, or potentially scrapping your project entirely – these all become viable considerations when depending on a capital budget.

But with leasing, you have the flexibility to allocate your valuable funds in alternative ways. Why tie up your capital when you have the freedom to explore other opportunities?


Aligning your Budget and Return on Investment

The flexibility of finance allows customers to expand their business facilities with minimum disruption to their cash flow with a monthly expense instead of one lump sum upfront.

Cash customers pay upfront and see a return on investment over a period of time.  But with leasing, however, customers can spread the costs of their fit-out project so that it aligns with their ROI.

At Cubex we’re not in the habit of quoting a price and then adding on a list of extras to the invoice.  And it’s the same with the leasing options. Your monthly payments will be fixed throughout your agreement, irrespective of any fluctuations in interest rates. Our leasing partner will be able to provide you with a full breakdown of cost, repayments and benefits. 

VAT, Project Funding and Staged Payments

Using capital requires all the VAT to be paid upfront and in full.  But with our partner’s leasing options, Cubex customers have the opportunity to spread their VAT payments across each monthly payment. 

It’s also worth considering project funding as every cost is encompassed when leasing a project.  From the tangible elements such as a mezzanine floor, a new partitioning system, and electrical and cabling works, through to the labour and associated fees.

Staged payments allow leasing customers to release payments when particular aspects of their design work are completed, giving customers a sense of control. 


The Cubex Cost Calculator

Some businesses prefer to work with one large upfront capital cost, whereas others choose to spread the cost of their new mezzanine, partition or suspended ceiling for example.  There is no right or wrong – it’s what works best for your business.

For a clearer understanding on cost, why not try our Project Estimator. It provides a useful guide on expectations for your commercial fit out and refurbishment project.

And if you are interested in a lease option, here are some example figures from our leasing partner to give you an idea on what you can expect to spend and how long for:

  • 10k project £207 per month over five years
  • 25k project £495 per month over five years
  • 50k project £970 per month over five years
  • 75k project £1,455 per month over five years
  • 100k project £1,940 per month over five years
  • 150k project £2,910 per month over five years
  • 200k project £3,880 per month over five years

*Figures are based upon a finance lease agreement
*All figures are indicative and subject to approval
*Prices subject to VAT


Project Estimate Customer requirements differ from one site to the next. For a detailed quote we’ll need to visit your premises, but if you’re only looking for a ballpark figure while you determine the key considerations for your refurb, our Project Estimate can help!

Simply tell us what you’re looking for using the buttons below and be sure to leave your preferred method of contact to receive your estimate and for us to ask any questions.
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There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to a commercial fit out and refurbishment.  That’s why the cost will differ from one project to the next as no two workspaces are the same and customer requirements always differ too. 

Why not try our Project Estimator to better determine the cost of your bespoke project?  Or better yet, get in touch to arrange a site visit and we’ll provide you with a precise quote that will tick all of your space needs boxes.

And if you think you might be interested in a lease option, let us know and we can liaise with our chosen leasing company at the quotation stage. 

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