What are the Benefits of Suspended Ceilings?

When we think about a commercial refurbishment, choosing the right ceiling might not always come top of the agenda.  But it’s still an important element to consider.  Believe it or not, your commercial ceiling can have far-reaching consequences on the productivity of your staff in addition to the ease of maintenance and overall aesthetics.

For example, a high ceiling can make a room feel more spacious, encouraging abstract thinking, creativity and collaboration.  Whereas low ceilings can make an office feel far more snug, aiding detail-orientated concentration.

Commercial ceilings help create an enclosure and separation between spaces, controlling the diffusion of light and sound around a room.  Choosing the right style of ceiling is more important than you might think, not least because it protects and conceals any electrical and plumbing systems above, but it can be fire resistant rated too.

Here at Cubex, we specialise in two types of commercial ceilings, metal frame (MF) plasterboard and suspended ceilings.  Suspended ceilings in particular have proven extremely popular time and time again in commercial buildings such as offices, hospitals, schools, retail stores and even industrial units.  They are ‘‘false’’ ceilings that are constructed below an existing soffit, creating a smooth surface and offering a number of benefits listed below:

Conceal the Chaos
Also known as dropped ceilings, suspended ceilings are a cost-effective way of giving your premises a clean and smooth finish to the internal ceiling of a room, hiding messy cables and pipework which, in turn, enhances the rooms overall aesthetics.  Keep in mind that just because your HVAC systems are neatly tucked away in the ceiling void above, you can still access them.  Suspended ceilings provide easy access into the ceiling void as you can simply lift the tiles up through the gridwork and lower them back down again – much easier than removing the entire ceiling!

Sound Absorption
Sound reduction is a common concern within the workplace, particularly within open plan office spaces, so we thought you might like to know how suspended ceilings also enhance acoustics.  The tiles used for your commercial suspended ceiling may be manufactured from materials such as mineral fibre, metal, plasterboard or laminates, and can be perforated to provide specific levels of acoustic absorption that can be used to control the reverberation time in the space below.  By absorbing energy into the tiles rather than reflecting them back into the room, you can reduce echoing noise.  In turn, a suspended acoustic ceiling helps to improve speech clarity and makes for better communication and collaboration across your departments.

Sound Insulation
Sound absorption and sound insulation are not the same.  Sound absorption occurs by absorbing some of the energy instead of transmitting it.  Sound insulation is a technique that is used to restrict sound from travelling between separate spaces through walls, ceilings and flooring.

Sound insulating ceiling tiles are another option for the make-up of your commercial suspended ceiling.  This type of panel combats sound attenuation which, in turn, reduces room-to-room noise transfer and therefore improves confidentiality, keeping private conversations private.

Fire Safety
Did you know suspended ceilings can also be fire rated?  The ceiling tiles are tested and given a Euroclass (combustibility) rating on their reaction to fire (based on their structural integrity) for a set period of time (usually 30 or 60 minutes).  This indicates how effectively the ceiling can prevent a fire spreading from room to room.  Because of this, suspended ceilings are the go-to choice for new mezzanine floor installations.  Installing fire rated ceiling tiles along with column casements and bulkheads will ensure your mezzanine complies with building regulations regarding fire protection.

Thermal Insulation
Installing a suspended ceiling system will reduce the height of the room and subsequently act as an effective method to ‘‘trap’’ warm air in the room.  This prevents heat energy from escaping through a ceiling void and helps to reduce your heating bills.  Pretty cost-effective, eh!

Light and Energy Efficiency
The quality of light in a room will contribute to its overall appearance and function. Poor lighting in any environment can lead to eye strain, fatigue and headaches which can reduce the productivity and comfort of your staff while at work.

With better insulation and lighting, a suspended ceiling can reduce your overall energy expenditure. Not only does this have a huge impact on day-to-day expenses, but it can also reduce your business’s carbon footprint too.

Moisture Resistance and Hygiene
Leisure centres, washrooms and kitchens are just three examples of businesses working in high humidity.  These companies will need a ceiling tile solution that does not warp or house mould and isn’t prone to staining either (water rings).  Thankfully, suspended ceilings are versatile and by changing the specification of the tile they can be moisture resistant too, meaning they can tolerate humid workspaces.  They can also be wipeable (easy to clean), helping to maintain a sanitary workspace – perfect for hospitals!

In the unlikely event one of your suspended ceiling tiles becomes faultyor damaged, they’re easy to replace.  They can be individually removed from the grid without having to remove the entire ceiling, making repairs and replacements quick, easy and inexpensive.

Time and Money
This is the part you’re really interested in, right?  You’ll be pleased to know that the installation of a commercial suspended ceiling is by no means timely!  In fact, of all the workplace ceiling options, suspended ceilings are the quickest to install.  And in even better news, suspended ceilings promise longevity and great value for money, proving to be a worthwhile investment.  What’s more, the materials used in the make-up of your suspended ceiling can be customised to meet your design requirements too.

We mentioned earlier that suspended ceilings were a popular choice among business owners, and we bet you can now see why!  If you’re looking to start your next workplace refurbishment project and are looking for a contractor to design and deliver a bespoke, functional and aesthetic workspace, get in touch with Cubex today – we can even act as your Principal Contractor!

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