Installing a Pallet Gate in your Industrial Workspace

A pallet gate is a special type of safety gate installed on higher levels, typically on a mezzanine floor within warehouses and distribution centres, that prevent workers or pallets from falling off the ledge when loading and unloading.  Surrounded by guardrails, ‘up and over’ pallet gates are a must-have accessory for all industrial workplaces.

How do pallet gates work?

An up and over pallet gate will sit at the edge of the higher level, surrounded by guardrails and safety barriers that prevent workers or materials from falling off the edge, providing continual protection while in use.

When a pallet is loaded onto the mezzanine, the gate is swung open to allow access to the higher floor. As the gate lifts up, it simultaneously closes off the back section of the gate, preventing workers or materials from getting too close to the edge and potentially falling from a dangerous height.

Once the goods are safely loaded onto the higher level, the gate is closed, blocking off the hazardous edge and opening up to the mezzanine floor space to allow workers to access the pallet.

This enclosed gate system protects the open edge throughout the entire loading or unloading process; it’s this continuous protection that offers reassurance to employers and their staff, reducing the risk of any work-related accidents.

Pallet Gate

Do I really need a double gate system?

Pallet gates are typically installed on mezzanine floors, but they can also be installed on other higher level floors such as platforms, landing stages and loading bays.

Moving oversized pallets within a busy industrial workspace is no mean feat, and it can become a safety risk if not done correctly.  To secure the areas where materials are loaded and unloaded in your facility, a double pallet gate system is vital for your employee’s safety.

There are similar products available, but none of them offer the safety reassurance of a pallet gate.  Swing gates, trombone gates, removable bars or chains can only guard the edge when shut and they rely upon your team remembering to close them – it’s an accident waiting to happen!

Up and over pallet gates are designed to fit in conjunction with your existing mezzanine floor and railings, and whilst there are many designs to choose from, it’s important that you find the one that works best in your warehouse with the welfare of your employees in mind.

Within any workplace there are numerous Health and Safety precautions that need to be adhered to, particularly in industrial workspaces – and pallet gates meet the safety working standards and best practices.  Only an enclosed gate system will ensure that all employees are safely protected from moving loads and falling injuries during the loading process – and at all other times too!


Up and over pallet gates (pictured) have a lightweight steel structure, are quick to install and they’re easy to use whilst providing a constantly guarded loading area.  Not only that, but they’re also easy to maintain, have galvanized paint to protect against harsh working conditions and have a secure locking system to prevent any spring-back injuries – ultimately increasing employee protection without sacrificing the layout or space of a workplace… win, win – right? 

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