Is your office letting your business down?

In a recent poll of 500 people, the most popular reason an office space gave a negative impression with 33.9%, was cluttered messy desks.

The poll went on to reveal that after the number one reason for a negative impression, 20.5% said lack of natural light, 19.1% referenced dated decor, 24.9% poorly dressed staff and 1.6% said all of the above/bad people skills.

Whether you are looking to attract top talent or new customers or keeping your existing staff happy, these stats suggest that if your business fails in these areas then they could be costing you business.

Did you know it only takes 1/10 of a second to make a first impression? How can you make sure that the first impression is a positive one?


5 top reasons your office is creating a negative impression infographic

Cubex Contracts can help

Luckily for you we have a host of options to help combat most of these challenges.

Tackling cluttered workspaces – fixing this problem is easier than you might think. Starting with new furniture and accessories to create a modern new space for your staff, to a complete redesign of the office to make it flow better and improve communication, or even adding a mezzanine to give your people more space to work better and more efficiently – we’ve got the answer.

Letting the natural light in – sometimes ensuring your staff have workspaces with natural light can be hard especially if they spend a lot of time in areas of the building where windows are few and far between. But with innovative products at our disposal we can suggest solutions from glass in your partitioning to installing solar tube lights which channel the natural light from the roof to places that need them. Both options are affordable and can easily be integrated into a bigger re-design project or a one-off requirement. If there is no natural light available at all – we can advise you on some of the most up to date and energy-efficient lighting options.

Bringing the decor up to date – you may not have noticed just how old your office space is looking but you can bet your customers and staff have. With a priority on “being on brand” we have a range of solutions to design spacious and flexible spaces including all the latest technology, furniture and designer materials. From manifestations on glass, brand colour co-ordinated chairs, sit and stand desks and much more – we can make your office look brand new.

And if you are in the type of industry where employing talent between 25-34yrs old is key to keeping your business ahead of the competition then this is well worth the investment – as this age group said in the poll that dated decor was the second biggest turn off in a business.

While we can’t help with a fashion makeover for your staff or improve their bad people skills we can definitely get your business looking, well – the business! Contact us today to ask for our help to re-design your workspace and make your customers and staff smile again. If your office is costing you business, give us a call on 01933 460422.

We’d like to thank Ignition Search for sharing their poll results with us and if you’d like to read the original article go to for more ideas on keeping your workspaces tidy.


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