Mezzanines – what, why, where and how.

A mezzanine floor has multiple uses, many of which can really help your business out whether it be in an industrial warehouse, retail facility or corporate office.  A mezzanine installation has a variety of uses and because they’re so stable and durable, they can easily meet your needs in space and storage – and they can take the weight of heavy machinery too.

What exactly is a mezzanine?

Good question!  It’s an additional floor installed in a building to provide more space, but it does not extend over the whole of the main floor, just part of it.

What’s required?

Before installing a mezzanine floor in your workspace, there are several requirements that need to be considered:

  • All mezzanine floors need to adhere to building regulations, but don’t fret as Cubex Contracts will administer this on your behalf.
  • Fire protection – a mezzanine is an additional floor level which needs to be incorporated into your fire protection system. Cubex Contracts offer guidance to our customers regarding these regulations and consult with them, along with Building Control, during the design and installation process – that’ll be a weight off of your mind, right?
  • The same materials as the building’s original construction should be used for a mezzanine installation.
  • Space awareness is another a key element to recognise; a mezzanine should be no bigger than a third of the main floor area. That said, some building codes are lenient on allowing a mezzanine to be slightly bigger depending on the building’s type of construction, automatic sprinklers and emergency communication systems.
  • A mezzanine also needs to be open to the room and not closed off with walls, unless there are ten or fewer occupants inside or there are two emergency exits.

Benefits of a Mezzanine Floor

Why should you consider installing a mezzanine?,

Office mezzanines create valuable additional space without incurring the costs of moving premises or extending your building.   Plus a mezzanine floor doesn’t take long to install so you’ll be back to work in no time.  Why move if you don’t have to?

Mezzanines are energy-efficient as they can increase the warm air circulation, lowering heating costs for the building especially during the colder months.

While we’re talking about cost, because a mezzanine floor is not part of the buildings original structure, the total cost per square metre is significantly reduced while you get more space – win, win!

Industrial space is expensive and so by installing a single or multi-tier mezzanine you can significantly increase your storage or production space for a fraction of the cost compared to relocating to a larger premises.  Conveyor systems and lifts can be used to access additional multi-tier levels, but it is worth noting however that multi-tier mezzanines will be dependant on what kind of design you’re looking for and if the building structure will allow it.

Where can you have a mezzanine floor, you ask? Well, you can install them in any warehouse or office building as long as the ceilings are raised high enough, meaning you can utilise any unused space that’s above you – handy, right?

If your office needs are changing and you’d like to discuss how a mezzanine floor may work for you, get in touch with Cubex Contracts and our creative design team can find the right solution for you.


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