Making Use of Commercial Space with Partitioning

Research has found that open office spaces can reduce employee productivity by 15% – 20%.  Partitioning systems however can help reduce noise, promote wellbeing and mitigate distractions as they divide large open spaces into smaller working environments and help to re-direct foot traffic.

Here are some common partitioning systems to help make the best use of your commercial space:

Composite Partitioning

Created around a 50mm aluminium section with interlocking honeycomb panels, composite partitioning is our most popular partitioning system as it’s versatile and fully re-locatable with an entry level price tag.  You can have anything from solid panels to fully glazed partitions with encapsulated blinds and it can be finished in a multitude of wall coverings, powder coats or paint finishes.

Create Additional Space

Composite partitioning is lightweight, re-usable and flexible.  What’s more, glazed or seamless glass sections with manifestations can be incorporated into your composite partitioning design to create a more modern appearance.

Stud Partitioning

Our next best seller and another great way to divide a large office into smaller workspaces, stud partitioning is typically a galvanized steel stud fame with plasterboard either side with rockwool infill for sound attenuation.  This is then taped and jointed before being decorated to resemble a standard plasterboard wall.

Stud Partitioning

We recommend incorporating a glazed element to your stud partitioning to help natural light through to your new workspace to create a more spacious environment.

Stud partitioning requires simple maintenance and can be easily repaired if damaged, plus it’s economical too and can incorporate additional soundproofing features.

Jumbo Stud Partitioning

If you’re looking for a way to divide the space within a warehouse or factory then jumbo stud partitioning could be your ideal solution.  Using 150mm galvanised steel sections at its core, jumbo stud partition walls can be built up to 11m high and are fire resistant and sound absorbing.

Jumbo stud is stronger, more durable and more secure than most partitioning systems because of its metal framework, and it can be finished to resemble a plasterboard wall.

Just like composite and stud partitioning, you can incorporate seamless glass sections with manifestation and, if you need to return a lease building back to its original dilapidations, jumbo stud partitioning can be easily removed.

Jumbo Stud Partitioning

Steel Partitioning

Reliable, durable and adaptable, steel partitioning can help re-design existing spaces within offices, warehouses and factories alike.

The partition modules arrive ready for installation which can be completed in a short space of time before it’s coated with a high-quality powder to prevent seasonal wear and tear.

Steel partitioning requires minimal maintenance and can be dismantled and re-erected if required, but it is not alterable onsite.  It does, however, have a noise-cancelling capacity which in turn cuts back on any additional spend on soundproofing.

Glazed Office Partitions

Glazed partitioning is a great way to implement privacy without losing the open space feel.  Manifestations can be used to create frosted sections to incorporate designs or logos into the partition, adding a degree of privacy and echoing company branding.  You can add internal blinds for further privacy too.

With natural light and low energy costs, the glass walls do come with a safety warning… walking into a glass door or wall – we’ve all done it!

Glazed partitioning can be more costly than other partitioning systems as they are designed to high specifications with style in mind.

Sliding Partitions

Sliding partitions (or walls) are a cost-effective and functional solution for maximising space that looks good too.  They operate on a track instead of swinging open like a hinged door and can be incorporated into glazed or steel partitioning systems making them versatile and adaptable.

Installation periods can vary depending on the design and outlay, and although they are generally lightweight, it can take some extra effort when re-locating because of the added technicalities of a sliding pad.


There are many types and styles of partitioning that can be tailored to meet your requirements and budget.  Whether you want to create a visual impact with office partitioning or implement privacy and sound reduction into your busy warehouse, Cubex Contracts can help you to find the best solution – we’ll even manage all fire requirements and Building Regulation issues on your behalf.

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