How Partitioning can Reduce Sound in your Office

Many employees have a tough time concentrating in an open office as their colleagues tap away at their keyboards, talk on the phone or consult with other employees throughout the day.  This creates the need for smaller, quieter and private spaces.  But this need has only been exacerbated in today’s modern world where more confidential conversations are taking place to accommodate delicate topics that have not always been discussed.  This includes conversations around mental and physical wellbeing, and incorporating new ways of working.

Not only that, but many employees have become used to working independently from the comfort of their own homes throughout the pandemic and have ultimately struggled to (re)adapt to working within fast-paced, populated environments.

With that in mind, business owners are now on the hunt for ways to reduce sound in the workplace to help them and their employees continuously battle the many common distractions found in an office environment, and you’ll be pleased to know Cubex Contracts has the solution!

Restore the Focus and Cut the Noise
Through installing sound attenuating (noise reducing) office partitions, businesses can continue to utilise every inch of their
existing workspace whilst introducing areas for independent working and sensitive conversations.  There’s no need to relocate to a different office (do you know how expensive that would be?!).  In fact, partitioning is a great way to transform a singular open space into multiple, smaller workstations the whole team can take advantage of.  But it’s not just a separate space that will solve your workplace woes, right?  Noise levels also need to be considered.  Thankfully, Cubex Contracts has over 25 years of experience installing a variety of office partition systems with noise attenuating* qualities. 

*A noise or sound attenuator is a noise controlled acoustical treatment designed to reduce the transmission of noise.

There are multiple options when it comes to the material of commercial partitioning including composite, glass or stud.  Each material has different qualities which we have covered in separate blogs.  But if rising noise levels are the main force for your modern office partition needs, we recommend a glazed (glass) or stud partition.  Here’s why:

‘‘Keep it Down’’ – with a Glass Partition
Internal glass partitions (also known as glazed) are a firm favourite here at Cubex HQ and they’re incredibly popular with our clients as well.  They’re versatile, strong, maximise light, improve acoustics, implement privacy and look great too (ideal for contemporary office spaces). 

A single glazed partition offers a sound attenuation (reduction) of up to 39 decibels (tested in laboratory conditions).  But wait a minute… Let’s not forget about access requirements; Adding a single glazed access door to your partition will drastically worsen the effectiveness of the sound attenuation as there will be a very small gap (approximately 5mm) for sound to travel through.  But don’t worry, we have an alternative!

Cubex recommends a double glazed acoustic partition with a framed door (take a look at the picture to the right for a visual example of what this looks like).  Double glazed acoustic glass office partitions have a sound attenuation of up to 46 decibels (in laboratory conditions).  Plus, there won’t be a gap with a framed acoustic door.   With a double glazed acoustic partition and framed acoustic door you can block out the day-to-day distractions and feel assured that you’re conversations will be much more private and noise from outside will be drastically reduced too.   

But what does a reduction of 39 or 46 decibels actually sound like?  Hear for yourself by listening to the before and after sound attenuation clips below:

Plus, did you know that you can add manifestations (a frosted design treatment) to your single or double glazed partition?  You could have a frosted glass partition with a pattern (dots or squares perhaps) or your own company logo to echo company branding.  Manifestations also aid privacy as it prevents others from looking in, and they provide a very important safety element… Prevention of walking into a glass door or wall… Ouch!

Shush, Shush with Stud Partitioning
Stud office partitioning is also a very popular choice among Cubex clients as it has two major benefits – fire resistance and yes, you guess it… Sound attenuation!  Stud partitioning systems are also easy to maintain, strong yet lightweight, economical and give the appearance of traditional plastered walls.  Plus, a stud partition could be used to better utilise space in an office or industrial warehouse.

Stud office partition walls can be built with timber or metal frames.  Cubex recommends a galvanized steel stud fame with plasterboard either side (great for moisture resistance and vapour control), and rockwool infill for sound attenuation.  Metal studs are also used to secure the partition to the floor, ceilings and pre-existing walls (which are then covered with plasterboard to give the appearance of an original wall).

A single boarded stud partition provides a sound attenuation (reduction) of up to 40 decibels.  And a double boarded stud partition provides a reduction in sound by up to 49 decibels (both tested in laboratory conditions).  So, if managing noise levels is at the top of your to-do list then stud partitioning could be the answer you’ve been looking for!  And in even better news, a stud partition is quick and simple to install too… What a result!

Remember, it’s not just about the walls… Sound attenuating access doors can also be incorporated into your stud partition design (they’re available in a range of finishes to match your existing furnishings). 


Double glazed and stud partitioning are two effective options for business owners to consider when it comes to improving concentration among the workforce and providing spaces for confidential conversations.  With a rise in demand for sound attenuating offices, now is the perfect time to kickstart your next workplace fit out project. 

We appreciate that cost can be a concern which is why we encourage business owners to use our Project Estimator.  This enables us to provide an estimate based on your specific workspace needs.  Of course, without visiting your premises and measuring up we cannot confirm an exact quote, but hopefully our estimate will give you an order of magnitude to work with.  If, however, you would rather receive a precise quotation then please contact us to arrange a site visit.  We’ll visit your commercial workplace and design a bespoke solution adhering to your requirements, and confirm exactly how much you can expect to pay. 

Kickstart your workplace refurb today – you’ll be in great company when you partner with Cubex!

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