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Understanding your precise needs is key to our Milton Keynes office fit out and refurbishment services as we look to understand every motivation that drives each decision you make.  From privacy and security to space and collaboration (and everything in between), we leave no stone unturned! 

If your Milton Keynes commercial workspace needs are changing, here’s how our fit out and refurbishment services can help you and your business:

Office Design

Commercial Space Planning Milton Keynes

Space planning is the process of organising furniture and functions to collaboratively and effectively use space efficiently. Without effective interior design and space planning considerations, your Milton Keynes commercial office or industrial unit could lack a cohesive sense of form and function that makes a working area not only attractive, but practical too. 

Here at Cubex Contracts, we believe that the modern workplace is more than just a space to work from – it is the environment which forms the basis of how your business operates (it’s not just about aesthetics anymore, you know?).

– Commercial soundproofing Milton Keynes
– Use of commercial space Milton Keynes
– Building Regulations Milton Keynes
– Storage solutions Milton Keynes
– Security systems Milton Keynes
– Commercial building access Milton Keynes

These are just a few factors Milton Keynes business owners need to consider when re-designing their workspace, be it a small-scale office fit out or complete warehouse refurbishment.

From the nuts and bolts to the grand finale too, with comprehensive CAD drawings and 3D design rendering walk-through videos,, we envisage a workspace that works for today and plans for any future expansion or developments too. 

Commercial Partitioning Systems Milton Keynes

As part of your Milton Keynes commercial fit out and refurbishment project, Cubex Contracts can install a variety of partitioning systems in an array of working environments.  We specialise in:

  • Sliding partitioning Milton Keynes
  • Glazed partitioning Milton Keynes
  • Stud partitioning Milton Keynes
  • Jumbo stud partitioning Milton Keynes
  • Composite partitioning Milton Keynes

When it comes to maximising the use of commercial space with partitioning, the most important factor is to determine your requirements – for some, it’s all about visual impact whereas for others the partition is there for privacy and sound reduction.  Partitioning comes in many different types and styles, and can be tailored to meet all requirements and budgets.

Incorporating partitioning into your Milton Keynes commercial refurbishment project can have numerous benefits including added privacy, less noise and better wellbeing with mitigated distractions. 

Within the modern workplace you can introduce various partitioning systems that work for you to create the right spaces that your team actually need; this may include set workspaces without invasion of space from one desk to another, somewhere for team huddles, a place to take private conference calls, communal areas to grab a bite to eat away from the hustle and bustle of the office… the list goes on and on! 

Commercial Flooring Solutions Milton Keynes

The flooring in your commercial office, retail store or industrial warehouse has the power to transform the overall look and feel of a space.  From an oak-effect vinyl to a stunning-coloured carpet tile, each style offers its own practicalities and benefits.

At Cubex Contracts we first look to understand how the space will be used and the durability required before advising local business owners on the most suitable commercial floor covering Milton Keynes (and that includes “hidden floors” for telephone and computer cabling too).

The flooring we choose for our business protects the core of our workplace – an easily damaged floor can result in broken machinery and safety concerns which can lead to accidents and injuries to your staff… a big no-no!  That is why it is so, so important to invest in a floor type that can resist damage as much as possible, whether that’s in the form of a crack or a dent – it’s not just about what looks good. 

Commercial Ceiling Solutions Milton Keynes

We provide both commercial suspended and MF plasterboard ceiling installations Milton Keynes.

Commercial suspended ceilings Milton Keynes are a cost-effective way of giving your premises a long-lasting and professional appearance, and they can be built to compliment any lighting system whilst hiding cables and pipework, enhancing acoustics and providing thermal insulation too.

  • Easy access to structural components
  • Improved soundproofing
  • Energy efficient
  • Enhanced interiors
  • Customisable

Where a smother, more contemporary finish is required, commercial MF plasterboard ceilings Milton Keynes are favoured by our clients. MF plasterboard ceilings Milton Keynes work particularly well with spot lighting within reception areas and retail stores.

  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Cost effective
  • Enhanced appearance (hiding electrical wires/pipework etc)
  • Adaptable
  • Provides a seamless finish

Office Furniture Milton Keynes

We provide local business owners with various fit out and refurbishment services, and we cannot forget about office furniture – the finishing touch to any workplace refurbishment!  In fact, our office furniture Milton Keynes selection has something on offer for every style and budget.  Just click here to download our brochure and browse our range of contemporary office solutions today. 

Project Estimate Customer requirements differ from one site to the next. For a detailed quote we’ll need to visit your premises, but if you’re only looking for a ballpark figure while you determine the key considerations for your refurb, our Project Estimate can help!

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The price of an office or industrial mezzanine installation is a one-time cost. Our guide price for a mezzanine floor in a 100M² office (with stairs – remember to consider access requirements) would be around £200.00 per square metre. But if your office space is much bigger or if you’re looking for an industrial mezzanine installation with handrails for example, then there will be some price variation.

Why not try our Project Estimator to better determine the cost of your bespoke project?  Or better yet, get in touch to arrange a site visit and we’ll provide you with a precise quote that will tick all of your space needs boxes.

It’s also worth noting that many companies prefer to spread the cost of their mezzanine rather than take a hit on the upfront capital cost. That’s why we work with a specialist leasing company to give our customers the flexibility of options. If you think you might be interested in a lease option, let us know and we can liaise with our chosen lease company at quotation stage.

Commercial space planning Milton Keynes is a fundamental element of the interior design process within any businesses fit out and refurbishment project, and it all starts with an in-depth analysis of how the space is to be used by the whole team. 

Reducing vacant space, improving staff productivity and collaboration, saving operational costs, soundproofing, storage, security and access are just a few benefits to taking a strategic approach to commercial space management Milton Keynes.

As with all Cubex Contract solutions, we manage the fire requirements and Building Regulation issues on our clients’ behalf, making sure their Milton Keynes work project is compliant as well as functional and aesthetically pleasing too (that’s got to be a weight off your mind, surely?).

If your workspace needs are changing and you’d like to discuss how our Milton Keynes commercial fit out and refurbishment services could work for you and your business, don’t delay and get in touch today!

Office Design

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