Changing the Use of a Mezzanine Floor

At Cubex we know that having previously invested in a Mezzanine Floor for Storage purposes, you may then wish to realise a greater return on investment later by changing the use of the floor in order to expand your office space or to create a meeting room. It may be you are unsure about the process of doing this and looking for some advice, and that’s great because at Cubex Contracts Limited, we love to help our customers realise the best possible potential from one of their most expensive assets; their premises.

The ability to expand your office space will create many new opportunities for your business as well as allowing you to expand your headcount, without having the unnecessary expense of relocating your premises. Converting an existing mezzanine floor is a really easy way to realise those possibilities.

We can help you change the used of your mezzanine to house a modern new meeting room

If you need the space for more meeting rooms or offices – we can change the use of a mezzanine

cubex contracts can change the use of your mezzanine from storage to a modern new meeting room

Cubex Contracts can change the use of your mezzanine from storage space to a modern new meeting room

At Cubex we have over 22 years of experience in helping our customers ‘make space for their business to grow’, and can design and fit-out your existing Mezzanine so that it looks exactly like an extension of your office workspace. This is particularly effective where a Mezzanine butts up against a wall that houses offices on the other side, as a walkway can be knocked through from the Mezzanine into the existing office; can you visualise your storage mezzanine fitted out exactly like your existing offices and looking as though it were part of the existing building fabrication?

Converting the floor may require additional approval from Building Control, which Cubex will manage on your behalf, and may result in some remedial works being carried out to ensure it’s new usage conforms with Building Regulations; smoke detection and fire protection to the underside of the Mezzanine floor for example.

Cubex can help with all the necessary adjustments and fit-out of the Mezzanine as well as the initial design concept and new furniture. I’m sure you don’t just want to take our word for it, however, so read on to hear what one of our customers had to say…

“Many thanks to Cubex Contracts for your help with making some alterations to our existing Mezzanine floor – we now have a larger mezzanine area with the addition of a meeting room and additional office space that has been fitted out to match our existing offices.

The project was completed in a week and was installed in a quick and efficient manner.  From my first contact with Cubex, every member of their team was professional and helpful, making the overall project an easy and stress free experience. The result is that we now have greater room to house personnel as well as a central meeting space for our other regional offices.”

Andy Johnstone
Northern Commercials (Depot Manager Northampton)

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