What factors are important when designing for a Mezzanine Floor project?

At Cubex we firmly believe that when it comes to Mezzanine Floor Design, not one size will fit all! There are two important factors that we consider when we design and fabricate our mezzanine floors bespoke; the design must-

  • match both our customers usage requirements
  • work with the individuality of their premises.

There are several points that our design team need to consider when designing a Mezzanine floor with both of those factors in mind.

The Customers Usage Requirements:

  • Is the floor going to be used for office, light industrial or storage purposes;
  • What is the weight bearing requirement of the floor;
  • How is the floor going to accessed, how frequently and by whom;
  • What is the area underneath the floor going to be used for and are there any special considerations for this – lighting for example or machinery that columns will need to be designed around;
  • Is the floor going to require handrail or partitioning to protect the edge;
  • What size of floor does the customer require;
  • Does the floor require any other access points like pallet gates etc.

2 Storey Storage Mezzanine floor By Cubex Contracts

2 Storey Storage Mezzanine By Cubex Contracts

Once we have clarified our customers requirements, we then look at the considerations surrounding their premises and how the design needs to satisfy the Building Regulations:

The Premises and Building Regulations:

  • What is the load bearing of the slab the floor will rest on – slab bearing samples can be arranged if necessary;
  • Is the new mezzanine floor required to be put up against an existing mezzanine or first floor level that’s in situ;
  • What is the building’s current ceiling height – we require 5 metres of clear headroom in order to install a Mezzanine floor – this is in line with current Building Regulations;
  • Where are the nearest fire exits and what are the travel distances from the furthest point of the new floor to the nearest protected route – this will impact the placing and numbers of staircases that the new floor will require;
  • Is there adequate existing smoke detection and emergency lighting in place.

Cubex Contracts can design and quote for your Mezzanine Floor from your premises plans, however, it’s always best for us to come out and survey the area first, before drawing up a design. So get in touch with us today on 01933 460422 or email us to arrange a visit and discuss your Mezzanine Floor project.

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