Divide a Large Office into Smaller, Functional Areas with Stud Partitioning

There are numerous benefits to incorporating commercial partitioning into your office design.  For many businesses one of the biggest perks is making better use of their existing space, particularly within large open plan offices.  Although there are many positives to working in an open plan office (improved company culture, greater flexibility with space and increased communication between the work force), a lot of us struggle to concentrate as there are so many distractions that we can’t get away from.  Within the workplace, wherever you are, there is always something going on or a conversation to be had or heard, and when you’re working within one space with lots of other people, there is no escape.  This office design concept can put confidentiality at risk and additional, unnecessary stress on your team.  So for those businesses who want the open plan feel without compromising on privacy, confidentiality or staff welfare, we think a commercial stud partition could be your perfect solution.

With a stud partition you can create a variety of new and separate workspaces including individual offices, meeting rooms, conference areas, break-out zones, and communal and collaborative spaces too.  This will help to ensure your staff continue to feel part of the team while they’re working separately, avoiding distraction from the hustle and bustle of the main office.

What is a Stud Partition?
A stud partition wall can be built with timber, metal, glass, brick, plaster or even concrete.  Here at Cubex Contracts we tend to use a galvanized steel stud fame with plasterboard either side (great for moisture resistance and vapour control), and rockwool infill for sound attenuation.  This is then taped and jointed before being decorated to resemble a standard plasterboard wall.  It can then be decorated to give a seamless and solid wall appearance, or it can be finished with aluminium trims and vinyl.

We have over 25 years of experience in designing and installing stud partitions, In that time we have seen no end of configurations including solid full height, glazed full height and partially glazed modules. We also recommend incorporating a glazed element to help natural light through!

Commonly used in commercial refurbishment projects, stud office partition walls are rarely constructed as load-bearing structures (load bearing walls are usually made from sturdier materials such as concrete, steel and brick).  Stud partition walls are quick and easy to install, and are a great cost-effective way of dividing a large room into smaller sections.

Stud Partitioning: How it Comes Together
A stud wall consists of lengths of stud to form the main supporting elements of the frame system, creating a modern office partition.  Although there are multiple parts to the frame, we call it a ‘‘stud’’ wall as these are the most important components within the wall’s structural integrity.  The other main parts of a stud wall include the following:

  • Floor plates (also known as ‘‘soleplates’’). This is the piece that runs along the floor, fixing the frame to the floor.
  • Ceiling plate (also called the ‘‘head’’ or ‘‘top plate’’). This part of the stud wall fixes the frame to the ceiling.
  • These are the small parts between the studs and are a key part of the frame (they brace the structure and support the studs… and we love the name!).

Office partitioning

Why Stud Partitioning is a Popular Choice for Commercial Offices
Stud partitioning is commonly used in offices due to its flexibility and relatively inexpensive construction process.  Stud partition walls are also incredibly popular because of the following performance features:

  • Fire resistance: Fire resistance is a key element to consider, particularly when constructing new areas such as a communal kitchen, helping to meet your health and safety requirements.
  • Sound insulation: Sound insulation is a common issue for many commercial offices.  We can incorporate specialist acoustic boards into your new stud partition wall to lessen the sound of meetings, music and other annoyances within the space.

Stud office partition systems require simple maintenance and can be easily repaired if damaged, plus it’s economical too.  Suitable for both commercial and warehouse spaces, these soundproof partitions are strong, compact and lightweight… all great structural qualities to have when creating additional workspaces within your office environment.  What’s more, skirting boards are added to protect the partition, whilst also giving the impression of a solid wall too.

Installing a Stud Partition in Your Office:
We’ve got great news… providing your stud partition design is not load bearing, you don’t need to seek planning permission and there isn’t much to do in terms of Building Regulations either (but Cubex can take care of all that on your behalf… that’s one thing less for you to worry about!).

Office partitioning systems are a great way to increase privacy without the loss of an open space feel, so if you’d like to know how a stud partition could benefit both your premises and your team, get in touch with the experts at Cubex Contracts today.

We have ample experience designing and installing partitioning systems within offices, retail stores and industrial warehouses.  Our Project Managers will visit your premises and design a bespoke partitioning system adhering to your unique requirements and budgets.  At Cubex, we’re not in the habit of quoting a price to a customer and then producing a list of extra’s at the invoice stage. We try to cover every eventuality when producing a quotation so there are no nasty surprises at the end.  We like our customers to be dazzled not disappointed!


Psst!  There’s more…
Here at Cubex Contracts we love stud partitioning and it’s one of our best sellers – so it’s a firm favourite among our customers too!  But did you know that we also design and install jumbo stud partitioning solutions too? Perfect for dividing space within busy industrial warehouses and factories.  Jumbo stud is stronger, more durable and more secure than most other partitioning systems (not surprising – the clue is in the name!) because of its metal framework, and it can be finished to resemble a plasterboard wall.  Using 150mm galvanised steel sections at its core, jumbo stud partition walls can be built up to 11m high and are fire resistant and sound absorbing too.  Plus, if you later need to carry out dilapidations to return your leased building back to its original state, jumbo stud partitioning can be removed. Another brilliantly flexible solution!

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