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An industrial mezzanine can virtually double (if not triple) your workspace!

Making space for business to grow

A mezzanine floor is an additional level of flooring installed in a building that covers part or all of the main floor.  Here at Cubex Contracts we love a mezzanine installation because they can suit a wide range of commercial Corby businesses in a variety of sectors, from retail to distribution and even office-based industries – you name it, you can probably mezz it!

Industrial mezzanines are incredibly popular among Corby business owners as they have a number of uses including storage, production, distribution and manufacturing.  Plus, this space-creating-beauty is also a simple solution for Corby commercial business owners looking to achieve greater productivity as with an increase in space to operate from comes the ability to complete more tasks in less time.

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Industrial Mezzanine Floors Corby

Industrial mezzanines floors Corby can be designed and installed to withstand the weight of heavy machinery; to do this, the weight load of a mezzanine floor is worked out on a kilonewton per square metre basis (kN/m2).

Corby business owners often ask us for advice on the weight loading of their bespoke mezzanine floor, but it depends entirely on the use of the mezzanine.  As a general rule of thumb, the following weight loadings are recommended:

  • 3.5kN/m2 – office use
  • 4.8kN/m2 – light storage
  • 7.2kN/m2 – medium storage
  • 9.6kN/m2 – heavy storage

For a busy industrial warehouse in Corby, Cubex Contracts recommend a loading specification of 9.6kN/m2 to increase operational space of your workforce, equipment and heavy machinery.


As companies grow, whether that be through employee headcount or production equipment (or both!), the impacts that a lack of space has can be a big challenge to overcome.  From day-to-day operations to health and safety regulations, a limited workspace brings its frustrations, but not every business is aware of their own workspace potential and the time and money they could save with an industrial mezzanine floor installation.  Here’s how an industrial mezzanine floorcould benefit your business:

  • Manufacturing: avoid the need to cram packaging and storage onto one level and streamline your operations to manufacture products safely and efficiently across different floors.
  • Distribution: increase your operational workspace to absorb more products to, in turn, boost profits.
  • Retail: a mezzanine floor offers a private space for customers to browse products and then liaise with your sales team away from the hustle and bustle of the shop floor.

Generally speaking, no formal planning permission is required to install an industrial mezzanine floor.  And speaking of installation, a mezzanine doesn’t take long to erect either. In fact, depending on your business requirements, Cubex Contracts can install a mezzanine floor in just one day so you’ll be back to work in no time!

It’s no secret that industrial space is expensive, but by installing a single or multi-tier mezzanine you can significantly increase your storage or production space without the fuss or hefty cost of moving premises – and when a mezzanine is used for warehouse or storage purposes, it doesn’t normally incur increased business rate charges.  In fact, if you rent your premises after your mezzanine is installed then it’s considered a rent-free space because the cost of your rent per square metre is significantly reduced. 

With clearly defined and designated areas for storage space, production and distribution, additional meeting rooms or customer-facing zones, your industrial workforce can fulfil day-to-day duties without encroaching on one another’s space – and you might even find that with another floor you’re able to increase employee headcount to further support your business’ growing return on investment (ROI) too… doesn’t that sound good?


Here at Cubex Contracts we’ve been installing quality industrial mezzanine floors Corby in a variety of industries for over 25 years and in that time we’ve seen no end of uses and configurations – we’ve even added conveyor systems and lifts to access the additional levels.

The price of an industrial mezzanine installation is a one-time cost, but the exact amount differs from one project to the next as no two sites are the same and customer requirements always differ too.  If you want a bespoke quote for an industrial mezzanine floor installation Corby, just get in touch with Cubex today and our team will be on hand to guide you through every step of the journey.

All industrial mezzanine structures are manufactured off-site, cutting down build time and therefore disruption onsite – you can expect a typical project to be completed within 5 – 6 weeks of order.  So if your warehouse or distribution centre needs are changing, perhaps an industrial mezzanine floor installation could be your ideal solution?  Get in touch with Cubex Contracts today and our creative design team will find the answer to your workplace woes.

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