How to Increase your Commercial Space without Moving

While increased profits is one reason to look at increasing your commercial space, it’s not the only reason:

  • Responding to market demand
  • Challenging your competitors
  • Strengthening stability
  • Reducing operational risks
  • Accommodating headcount growth

These are all common requirements businesses have for wanting and needing additional operational space.  As a successful business owner (or manager of a business) with a great revenue stream, when it comes to finding a savvy way to increase your commercial space, your natural instinct might be to relocate. But is that the most practical and viable solution?  Or is there another option that could save you a few pennies too?  Let’s find out!

Moving Vs Mezzanine!
Re-locating your business involves a lot of work; from finding somewhere new that accommodates your growing business demands and objectives to the legalities, paperwork and hiring of movers… not to mention the final stages of interior design.  And the list doesn’t end there – you’ll need to update your customers and staff, and wade your way through the mountain of HR paperwork too.  Of course, we can’t forget about the big price tag that comes with the mammoth task of moving either.

So instead of all this fuss and expense, why not keep your business located exactly where it is and install a mezzanine floor?  That would increase your existing commercial space and it is a far easier, quicker and cheaper solution than re-locating.

Mezzanines with Cubex
A mezzanine floor is an additional level installed in a building to provide more space; it can extend over the whole of the main floor or just part of it – think of it as a ‘floor between floors.’ 

A new mezzanine will create valuable additional space without incurring the costs of moving premises or extending your building. You can potentially double (or even triple) your existing workspace without having to buy or rent new or additional premises.  So why move if you don’t have to?

A mezzanine floor can be installed in any commercial building providing the ceilings are high enough – ideally the headroom height for each floor should be 2300mm.  They offer ideal extra space for boardrooms, kitchens and washrooms, additional office space, production or storage – and from single story mezzanines to multi-tiered installations, Cubex will design, plan and install the entire solution for you (including Building Regulation Approval).

If you’re still not sure if a mezzanine installation will give your business enough space to increase operational efficiency and productivity, check out a previous project of ours where we installed a large two-tier mezz which helped our client to become one of the biggest motorcycle parts distributor in the UK!

Flexible structure… check! 
With practically no restrictions on their shape or dimensions, mezzanines are highly versatile structures and are used for a wide range of applications (mentioned above), accommodating employees, customers and heavy machinery too.

A mezzanine floor design can include partitions, suspended ceilings, floor coverings, heating, lighting and mechanical systems.  It will also include the necessary access points that link into your existing infrastructure (eg a staircase, lift or safety gates).

Plus mezzanines are typically freestanding so they can be dismantled and relocated if needed too.

Cost-friendly… check!
As you now know, installing a mezzanine is much more cost-effective compared to re-locating – in fact, a mezzanine floor is a rent-free space because it’s not part of the structure of the building and therefore the cost per square metre is significantly reduced.

When a mezzanine is used for warehouse or storage purposes, it does not normally incur increased business rate charges.  That said, if the new floor is used for office accommodation then it will sometimes affect your rates.

The price of an office or industrial mezzanine installation is a one-time cost, but the exact amount differs from one project to the next as no two sites are the same, and customer requirements always differ too.  A mezzanine consists of the frame and the floor itself, but there are access requirements and additional accessories to think about too including railings, gates and partitioning.  The materials needed and contractors used will also be different from job to job.  So if you’re considering installing a mezzanine in your workplace, give us a call on 01933 460422 and we’ll provide you with a bespoke quote that will increase your commercial space with ease.

Time saving… check!
If you’re worried about timing then let us put your mind at ease; moving your business is a process that can take months and months to complete, But we can install your mezzanine in just one day!  So you’ll be back to work in no time!

From survey through to design, planning and building regulations to installation, project management and handover, at Cubex we pride ourselves on offering a complete end-to-end solution to our clients.  When it comes to mezzanine installations, we’ll visit your premises prior to install to assess your needs and carry out a site survey to check specifications and measurements.

A typical project can be completed within 5-6 weeks of order, but depending on the number of mezzanine floor levels and the overall floor space, your mezzanine could be installed in just one day!

Plus, all industrial mezzanine structures are manufactured off-site, cutting down build time as well as disruption onsite… win win!

What’s more, we also include a disruption audit as part of our proposals to ensure your business experiences minimum downtime during installation.


If we have learnt anything over the last 25 years, it’s that our clients have a problem to solve and, more often than not, that problem is a lack of space.  That’s why our hands-on process means we can remove the hassle whilst delivering the right solution.

Increasing existing space can be a positive alternative to the expense and disruption of relocating your business altogether.  We create additional floor space for clients who once feared they had reached their limit whether that be in an office, warehouse, factory or retail showroom.    

If you have any questions on how a mezzanine floor installation could support your business’ growth and development, let us know and we’ll work with you to make space for business to grow.

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