How to Increase your Commercial Space without Moving

As a successful owner or manager of a business with a great revenue stream, your natural instinct might be to grow your business by expanding your operational workspace.  And, while increased profits is one reason to look at increasing your commercial space, it’s not the only reason.  Responding to market demand, challenging your competitors, strengthening stability, reducing operational risks and accommodating headcount growth are all common reasons for businesses to want and need more space.  Relocating is one solution, but surely there’s a far easier way than moving your whole business to another premises?

Moving Vs Mezz!
Re-locating your business involves a lot work from finding somewhere new that accommodates your growing business needs and objectives to the legalities and paperwork, hiring movers and packers… not to mention acting as an interior designer. Then there’s updating customers, staff, HR paperwork. Let’s not forget the big price tag that comes with this mammoth task either.  So instead of moving, why not stay where you are and install a mezzanine floor instead – saving yourself time and money?

A mezzanine floor is an additional level installed in a building to provide more space, but it does not extend over the whole of the main floor, just part of it.  You can potentially double (or triple!) your existing workspace without having to buy or rent new/additional premises.

You can install a mezzanine floor in any commercial building providing the ceilings are high enough – ideally the headroom height for each floor should be 2300mm.  Cubex Contracts can design and install a mezzanine, we’ll just need to visit your premises beforehand to assess your needs and carry out a site survey to check specifications and measurements.

Depending on the number of mezzanine floor levels – a standard mezzanine gives you one extra level, but multi-tier mezzanine designs offer two levels – your office mezzanine could be installed in just one day, so you’ll be back to work in no time!  Check out a previous project of ours where we installed a large two-tier mezzanine which helped our client become one of the biggest motorcycle parts distributor in the UK!

Flexible structure… check! 
An office mezzanine floor design can also include partitions, suspended ceilings, floor coverings, heating, lighting and mechanical systems.  It will also include appropriate methods to access the mezzanine level that link into your existing office infrastructure such as a staircase.

This gives you an abundance of options when it comes to working out how to maximise the available space to optimise efficiency. Depending on your business’ requirements, you can create space for storage, meeting rooms, offices, communal areas, washrooms, break out spaces, kitchens, manufacturing zones, retail showrooms or operational workspaces to accommodate both employees and heavy machinery.

Cost-friendly… check!
When a mezzanine floor is used for warehouse or storage purposes only, then it doesn’t normally incur increased business rates charges.  If however the new floor is used for office accommodation then it sometimes will affect your rates.

The price of an office or industrial mezzanine installation is a one-time cost, but the exact amount differs from one project to the next as no two sites are the same.  A mezzanine consists of the frame and the floor itself, but there’s access requirements and additional accessories to think about too including railings, gates and partitioning.  The materials needed and contractors used will be different from job to job, but as mezzanine flooring specialists, Cubex Contracts can provide you with a bespoke quote to transform your workspace, just get in touch today

Increasing existing space can be a positive alternative to the expense and disruption of relocating your business altogether.  At Cubex, we create additional floor space for clients in warehouses, factories and industrial premises for businesses who once feared they had reached their limit on space.  A mezzanine floor can easily provide extra space for storage, production and logistics, making space for your business to grow without the hassle of moving premises.

If you have any questions on how a mezzanine floor installation could support your business’ growth and development, let us know and we’ll work with you to make space for business to grow.


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