What can I store on my Mezzanine Floor?

What can I store on my Mezzanine Floor? Mezzanine floors; we’ve been asked to put them in some funny old places! Customers have requested that we design and install mezzanine floors for all manner of uses over the years and at Cubex we are happy to oblige them. From Petting Zoos, access platforms, walkways, and viewing platforms to house theatrical props and scenery, we have devised a design solution to meet our customers’ requirements. And let’s be honest, everyone at Cubex loves the idea of sitting on top of one of our Mezzanine floors, petting a rabbit or a guinea pig!

The most popular use for a Mezzanine floor is for storage or office purposes, but we have also been asked to build a Formula 3 racing simulator room on top of one, as well as installing 2 mezzanine floors into a gym in Cambridge – one of which is used to host Spin classes and store the equipment in between classes.

We don’t mind what you want to use your mezzanine floor for, from storing rubber ducks to providing Spin class facilities – we will work hard to design and install the right mezzanine floor for you.

At Cubex Contracts we can help you make the most of the space above your heads and whatever you want to use your new Mezzanine floor for we can help make it happen. Contact us today on 01933 460422 to discuss your requirements.

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